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wel some times its de gals fault but de boyz always make 1 little mistake in2 a big problem!!!!!
even if she hurts u she didnt mean 2 but instead of u 2 working it out u just say de big word"we're through"like its some kind Jod or pride
Why dont de both of u just talk??????

It is not good to hurt someone even if you didn't mean it.
The main problem of ladies is their tongues; they cannot control it and they dont know that words are like eggs, which break and scatter and difficult to gather together again.
They talk carelessly to provoke guys.
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Spottykay Publisher
You're right and thats what made me hate them
Haaa Spottykay, you cannot hate them for that. We just need to advise them and not hate them.
If you hate them, you will not be able to get your own future wife.
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Spottykay Publisher
but do you knew that even finding some girls that will listen to warning is tough
Its not difficult with God; I've spoken about this in one post.
Getting a real wife is not an internet issue: its prayer issue; what can only happen is that God may link you through internet, which is not even common.
I have seen a situation whereby, a man got a revelation from God about his wife(the woman he had never seen in his life before); God gave him the description of the lady and how he would locate her and he got her at last.
The question is, who is ready again to pray about marriage?
Though women have shortcomings, but I have seen someone who got her wife through God and regret; because God gives you the best.
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