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is it shape ,teeth , body size or complexion or language that seem to attract men to some ladies what is it particularly

The shape of a lady
Chris Head Mod.
Intelligence. The brain is the s3xiest organ of all. If you can prove to someone that you are smarter than them, they'll automatically start to like you.
Men like three things in women: no1(naturally) is the shape of the body. No2(morally) is the virtue or good character of the lady. No3(intellectually) is the sagacity/intelligence of the lady,as said by Chris above.
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ao she is beautiful&d shape of d body.
i think its the confidence that the woman portray and her intelligence and ability to be independent
men love women dat are contented, caring n gentle.above all have d fear of God in mind.
haveing s3xy
It differs wit each person.
Nelson, u will ever make it in life.B-)
Every Reasonable Man wants good moral from his woman; do you believe that some men who have doctorate degrees married secondary school cert holders; what do you think they see? Mainly, Good Moral Behaviour.
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Their Ability To Understand Them
yes, shape. moral character, and intelligency.
Thier body
And thier mood wen havin s3x
Not every men likes a woman wit s3xy body
(1)Beauty (2)Ability and wisdom to organise the house/home :-making home neat and tidy (3)Ability to cook delicious meals (4)Virtue:- good Character (5) S3x:- Effective s3xual Performance (6)Intelligence (7)Spiritual And Emotional Maturity. If anyone misses among the above qualities; it can cause commotion at home. Any reasonable and real man wants all of the above qualities in a woman, except we want to deceive ourselves.
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it depends on the type of lady involve
their shape and behaviour
1)mode of dressin(2)d way u speak in public(3)ur character(4)ur body...and lot more
Firstly, d girls character, d girls intelligence, d girls stature and if d girl truely him or love his wealth.
Character, God fearing
Above all; good behaviour.
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