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Can any girl that thoroughly love you say it to your face. Please I need an answer.

no!!!! on no account should a porpose her love 4 a guy even if sheis deeply in love with him let de guy be de man ladies stop takin' de first step let de guys do de talking atleast
I dnt think it is right 4 a girl 2 do dat,if d guy likes u he would nt waste time 2 tel u.
nope i've never seen that but how can someone read their minds when looking at a boy or what do you think they guess when looking at a boy
A girl can show that she loves a guy; but with style.
But the pride of girls nowadays makes it difficult for them to profess their love for guy; not because of anything; its because of pride.
Some think the guy would not respect them if they do so; its a lie. Eventhough, you dont need to talk as a girl, but your actions can speak for you.
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But whats the meaning when they look at you
You study her look yourself; it is not a strange thing; you can easily read from the eyes of a girl if she realy loves you and wants you in her life.
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ok let me ask this what if the person is ugly and black
You mean if the girl is ugly and black?
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i mean the boy is ugly and black but he's handsome when he wears a nice cloth
Your words are contradicting and is contrary to what the topic mean.
We are talking about a girl who loves a guy. We are asking whether she can profess love or not.
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ok i mean if a girl is looking at a guy and the guy is black and ugly but the guy thinks the girl is also looking at him as an ugly person but how can you know either she's looking at you for love
I think a love doctor is needed here; but with my knowledge as an adult; women looks have different forms: you will know by the way she does at the look.
 lf a woman looks at you with tender eye-look or smile, it means love; but if she looks at you with hardened face, its for hatred and if she looks at you with laughter its to make jest of your look or behaviour.
Genuine Love is not based on outlook, but its from the mind; that is why you see lame or disabled women marrying handsome men; and people would begin to talk that what has a man seen in a woman without legs: he loves her right from the heart.
Any relationship or marriage that is based on physical outlook can never last.
People are controlled by "lust" or "infatuation" and they call it love. True Love does not look at your apearance to marry you or go with you: its just of the heart and its mystery.
That is why you can see a girl running after a poor guy where many rich guys want to marry her.
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Of course Girl's pride is affecting them both negatively and positively and will not let them to prove that they love you even if they truly love you, but if you understand that a girl truly loves you and can't prove it, then you are the person to prove it since you read her mind and understand what she means. Sometimes girls are very awkward in such cases, they hardly express their feelings at once and it is advisable for a guy to be patient and not to be discouraged by their delayed response.
Let me tell you;there is nothing like "delay response" in true love. lf a girl delays you or attacks you because you propose to her:its not true love.
If at the end she gives you "yes" ; l bet with you,later you will know that you only forced her into it & you will hate being with her later.
On marriage issues(being a marriage counsellor);l've noticed that those girls who trully love the guys proposing to them dont waste time with delay response,eventhough she may not say yes on your first proposer,while some may say "yes" on the very first day of proposing to them(as my own case was with my wife);and if you are rich guy, dont start giving money to the girl as a proof of love or if possible, appear first to the girl as a poor guy(if she hasnt known you before); you will then know who she is.
Dont make a costly mistake of marrying a girl who abused or attacked you with words because you proposed to her.
She will do worse than that when she becomes your wife.
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There are some other girls who are shy to accept it when a guy first approach them. What do you think about this?
They would just have to get on with it. coz it is a normal phenomenon for guys to ask them out. Come on, someone is got to be proud if the guy isn't gay!
@Panchaze, you are right; but the cases of shyness is far less in number than the cases of pride.
Only few girls dont accept because of shyness-you will know by their behaviours, but commonest ones is that the girls assume the position of gods, wanting guys to worship them like gods and some girls nowadays would even say, they will suffer guys before they say "yes".
That is part of pre-marital relationship palava; African girls need orientation, because this is African phenomenon.
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A very bad mentality on the part of Africans indeed.
That is why they need orientation; we always claim civilization; but working against the laid down principles of those who brought civilization to us.
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We do no need to immitate the whites, but we ought to what is always right. Try not to make others get hurt bybour naivity!
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It is indeed girl's mentality and sillyity that they will like to be worshipped the same way we worship God.
That is a reception they can only wish for, coz they can never get it!

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