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Number 1 reason why most of the marriages today are NIGHTMARES

Lemme get this,
A lady (ripe for marriage) would leave all the guys in the place she is and then match to her village in search of a special potential husband... 
This is what happens, since its what she wants, she would try to be on her "Best Behavior" ..
Considering she wants to hold down a man, she will start walking from one end of the street to the other, expecting a man with a car to stop her..
The men in question(the serious ones ready for marriage) would also try to be on their "best behavior" but sometimes, since they are "males" and males here are considered a "demi-god" he might even show his true nature  but this lady on her best behavior will never see anything wrong with it.. She will endure all the BS within the short while because she wants to get married...

And after all these, "maybe" they did get married. The true nature of both people will start showing...

Marriage BLUNDER 1

How do you ppl sleep at night? Really??

Number 2 reason,
Ladies, washing a man's clothes, cooking his meals, turning to a washing machine or an obedient and loyal robot will NEVER make a man marry you...
"Except" you do these things because they are part of you and you don't expect marriage at the end, other than that, you are only wasting your time tryna paint the picture of a good "wife material with 32 yards"
The set of guys that marry a lady because she washes,cleans, cooks and turn to dummies must be villagers...and "under-educated"


Picture this,
I meet a guy, he's all what I want, ok?
Out of 10, he lacks just 1 .. And let's say the "1" he lacks is the most important thing I'm looking for, but because I'm scared of staying single and want to go with the crowd of getting married, I still go ahead to marry this guy because small boys/girls would tell me I will stay in my father's house till 40 or say I should wait for Jesus because he's got everything...
Give me a year into the marriage, I'm fed up already, why? Because I didn't make my choice, I went against what I wanted/needed for people who would still laugh and talk about me...

What I'm tryna "say" is this...
Ladies meet a guy, and after careful examination, they know this guy lacks what they are looking for, but because they have been brain washed that Jesus is the only perfect guy, they manage this guy and then hate themselves...
Using me as a case study, just because a guy is intelligent, success driven and all, but cheats, I still go ahead to be with him??? Hian!!! Am I mad???


The likes that will turn to "imbeciles" immediately they hear "I want to get married to you" and start putting up with BS ...

I'm in № more position to tell you this, maybe because I'm not married or maybe because I don't see "marriage' the way you see it..

But you just can't ignore this,
Marry for the right reasons..
Marry your friend..

If you can't deal with a stingy nigga, don't marry him and expect miracles
If you can't deal with a guy that smokes and drinks, don't even date him.. Leave him the hell alone!

If you can't deal with a guy that's lousy, don't date him and then expect to change him..

If you can't deal with a womanizer, that sees your big yansh but still eyes another woman with big breasts, leave him alone...

If you can't deal with a cheat, dump him!!!

We(women) put up with men with lot of garbage,
we put up with drama, we turn to slaves etc and end up turning to prayer warriors...

Some marriage problems would have been avoided if the couple didn't over look certain things while dating...

Using pregnancy to trap a man  lord God!!!!

I was reading comments on a page, this "confused female" said she must get married at 25, she said its a done deal from God, how? She said she will trap a man down with pregnancy, that its a guarantee as she can't stay without getting married till 26 ...
I pity the "unlucky" guy that will be in bed with her when she gets to 25...

This is New Year, if you have been silly, make a resolution not to be...

Some men around shouldn't get married, their material aint up to 1 yard...

Over rated Nigerian men

Don't care what you think
Those tactics are being used by foolish ladies to get rich men; but the home matters most; many of these ladies begin to lament when they get home.
Ladies, be careful; your marriage is for life and don't because of money attach yourself to life's problems.
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It is but a food for thought for not only girls but guys too.
Yes, for all preparing for happy home/marriage.
Hmmmm, "Blood is thicker that water".
Many think that marriage is a game they can play like football: some people say its a game of chance; that is why broken homes/marriages is on the rampange.
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Marriage is a NO-GOING-BACK. Once you 've entered the race, you cannot desist.
Yes, till death part the couple: Matthew 19:6; 1Corinthians 7:10,11.
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