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Sometimes I choose to remain quiet instead  of talking out of point.
Some guys don't know how to choose words when talking to a wife to be and same to the girls.

Listen to this conversation
....This guy talked to me in the manner that ordinarily I would be mad with him but I put myself under-control and I started by laughing.

Ok...this guy is my friend on facebook but we don't know each other though we are from the same state. He noticed that I am always on facebook and today, he confronted me.

d guy: A man like u,every time u are on facebook dnt u have something doing?

Me: Lolz

Me: You don't know how to talk, and this can be insult but I won't count it as insult

Me: Am an online entrepreneur and I feed my family from the money I make online

d guy: Ok sir dnt be annoyed

Me: Not at all

d guy: Can I learn it from u pls?

Me: Why not, I also train people.

Me: Are you in Lagos?

d guy: Enugu

d guy: your contact?

Me: 08033398769

Conclusion - the guy noticed am always online but the right thing for him to have done was a simple question - Excuse me sir, why are you always online? Simple and short !

In the same way, period of relationship is for you to ask questions that matters but some misuse that time for s3x and gossip.

I thought it was an Akpos story for the first time i saw the post till i read it again and discovered it was a story of you and someone else. Anyway, I couldn't stop laughing at this guy because he is very humorous.
This is not funny, you really do have a point there but that isn't a very suitable example or instance for this one.
Sir-phil, Many people used to ask this kind of question on several occasion. A girl i was chatting on 2go has ever asked me this kind of question. She said that why am i always online? I was using an android phone at that moment and she didn't even know that my 2go will automatically start itself whenever i swich on my data connection. So i didn't give her an answer because she won't understand me.
No, that was the answer. She was indeed polite for even making you understand it was a confussion she wanted to get cleared of.
Laughing out loud..! She won't understand me and if she will, i would have clearly make her understand why i am always online. You knew women were so engrossed in relationship matters than something like this. If it was all about relationship matters, it will be easier for them to understand it, but if it was something like online stuffs, only few of them will understand. #Case_Buried
Spottykay Publisher
actually the guy has no experience of saying meaningful things that's right
@Spottykay, why did you say that?
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Spottykay Publisher
Some people talk and dont know how to end
Dont say that; at least he tried.
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