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Children from single s3x schools are more likely to potray homos3xual behaviour later in life.that leaves a big question on my mind does it mean dat such schools are not good enough?

hmmm they are gud but not enough
Yeah not gud enough as a one of the reasons our young ones are still single till 2day since they'r never attracted to the opposite s3x, therefore i'll prefer a both-s3x school(a school which comprises of both male and female students).
It's gud bt nt enough cos t makes dem tu feel shy around deir opposite s3x
Yes, single-s3x school is not good at all; it produces homos3xuals and leisbians. Interactions between males and females is of great importance to life, it helps building good social behaviour.
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Its Not Dat Bad.but It Makes Dem 2 Be Shy When Dey R With A Opposite s3x.

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