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*If you are a lady and you don't know this already, then you should thank me when you are done reading.*
*I just want to use this time to correct the popular sentence "ALL MEN ARE THE SAME"  by ladies going through or who went through or possibly expecting to go through severe HEART BREAK.*

*Ladies please be aware that In a relationship or Marriage, men falls into four (4) different categories: A Boy, A Player, A Confused Man and A Real Man.*

*1. A BOY:* A Boy will always be a boy regardless his age. Growing up and growing old are two different things altogether, growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional by choice. A boy care less about what makes you happy as a woman, he knows nothing about putting a home together and he is not ready to learn. The woman will do the thinking and make decisions, he would be more concerned about his mode of dressing and his character. A boy is loosed, he would kiss and tell and talk about everything in his Relationship to everybody and openly condemn his woman. He would make his mum his next of kin even when he is married to a good woman with kids, a boy never worries about the future because he never wants to grow, he knows nothing about responsibilities or being responsible, he would beat his woman, care less about her pains, make his woman feels miserable not because he is wicked but because he is a child. When a matured woman dates or marry a boy, she automatically becomes a girl, she would change from a peaceful matured woman to a nagging young girl and people would think she's gone insane. A boy is easily intimidated by his woman's position or financial status, he will always fight and demand respect because he thinks he is a man based on his age. It is difficult to communicate with a boy because he thinks he is always right, he feels superior and thinks he is doing a woman a favour by marrying or dating her.

*2. A PLAYER:* It is better to be single than marrying or dating a player, no matter how much effort you invested in a relationship with a player, it's most likely to end in pain. A player is smart but wicked, selfish, and inconsiderate and will never stay Faithful to one woman. Most women fall for players because they appear attractive and presentable, players have something extraordinary about them, a player can be rich, famous, tall, handsome, romantic, talented, good in bed and possess many qualities a woman wants in a man, he would sweep you off your feet at the beginning and make you believe you are the luckiest woman alive, he would tell you what you love to hear and show you what you love to see, he will make unbelievable promises, he will get into your head through your heart and take control of your thinking. He would spend any amount of money and effort to get in between your legs and after accomplishing his mission, the story changes. Any attention and affection you get from a player is temporary, the first problem you will encounter with him is that his words begins to contradict his actions, then his behaviour and timing would change drastically. A player's time is very limited because he's got alot of women to share it with, no woman can win a game with a player except a material woman who never dates or marry for love, a player's Heart has no space for love, he would only marry a potential victim for selfish reasons, he would tell terrific stories about his innocent girlfriend or wife just to get another woman to bed.

*3. A CONFUSED MAN:* The problem with a confused man is that he doesn't know what he wants. With him people would think you have a perfect Relationship but you are actually not sure where you stand. A confused man could be a wonderful guy who doesn't play games, he would love you, give you all you want but will never propose, he would give you excuses all the time and put your life on hold not because he is bad but because he is yet to figure out what he wants with his life. Of course there is no rush in love but there is a big difference between ENDURANCE and IGNORANCE, you can only endure with a man who knows what he wants and where he is going in life. Enduring with a confused man could be risky and complete waste of time. When a woman makes up her mind and decides to leave, a confused man would change and start a new promise just to make you stay.  One of life's greatest mistakes is to embark on a life journey with someone who is not going  anywhere in life.

*4. A REAL MAN:* A real man is the best gift any woman can get. He is a grown up and matured man regardless of his age, a man that is done playing games, ready to commit to just one woman and be faithful to her, he would be responsible, trustworthy, love you and all that concerns you genuinely and prove his love to you. He would be sensitive to your needs and allergic to your tears, he would treat you like a queen, support you and bring out the best in you, he would be consistent and his words would match his actions. Real men don't make promises, they make commitments. You would be his best friend, next of kin, comforter and you would never have to fight or beg for his attention. He would laugh with you and cry with you, he would be more focused in your future than complain about your past, he would never raise his voice or hand, he would peacefully make you understand his point, he would carry you along with his plans. If you disagree with him, he would never take offense, he would trust without doubts or give without expectations. Although he may not have alot but he would be happy to share the little he has. Most women thinks real men are hard to find, the truth is, there are millions of real men out there, some women go to the rainning Forest expecting to catch a fish forgetting fishes don't live in the forest.

Please stop using your experience (s) with a boy, a player or a Confused Man to judge every man by saying All men are the same

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