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People may have erred you. Likewise, you may have made mistakes in one way or the other, affecting someone negatively and making you feel remorse for your actions. If you really feel remorse, you'll want to apologize so your relationship wouldn't get broken. What do you need in order to apologize? What should you do?
The first step to apologize is to be motivated. The only true way motivation comes is when you're remorseful for what you've done. In order to apply this post, you shouldn't be pushed by someone before you apologize. You need to feel remorseful deep within your heart. If you aren't truly remorseful, go home. If you're truly remorseful, follow these steps:
1. Summon confidence
Going to meet someone who you know you've wronged requires confidence. You'll be nervous if he'll/she'll listen to you. Summon enough confidence to go to his/her apartment(or wherever).
2. Express yourself *
Tell him/her how you feel about what you've done. The words 'am sorry' have two purposes: 1st to show what you're feeling and 2nd to tell the person to forgive you. Not just saying you're sorry, continue with explaining what made you act the way you did and assure the person that you won't do it again. You may also explain how remorseful you've been and tell the person that he/she has been right all along.
3. You need humility *
Life isn't a movie that just apologizing would lead to reconciliation and hugs. Expect insults or him/her driving you away. That's what you need humility for. Without humility, you won't be able to swallow his/her words and may start a brand new fight. Without humility, you may start asking questions like 'are you insulting me because I came to apologize?'. With humility you'll be able to swallow everything and still be calm. Remember that people who are angry or feel hurt have no or low control over their self control so he/she may insult you.
4. Always persist
There's are two ways you may continually show you're remorseful:
I. If you haven't been forgiven, never stop trying. Continue for one day your pleas would be head
II. If you've been forgiven, always be careful so you never do what you did. Don't be over cautious.
5. Now that you've been forgiven
Now that you've been forgiven, it's time to continue friendship. Always interact. Be free and always express yourself. If the person errs you, tell him/her in a peaceful way and never refer to the past.


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