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 :-*Those 1-2 or even 3-4 hour daily Skype talks or phone conversations can become really predictable after a while, or even worse start getting shorter and shorter by every passing week, OR EVEN WORSE start turning into 1-2 hour fights and arguments, instead of fun and enjoyable conversations.

So, how do we stop this vicious cycle?

The truth is that there is no magic pill for it, but with a little effort and creativity we could be still having fun and exciting things to talk about even after 3 years of 2-3 hour daily Skype talks.

So, it’s possible, and I’m about to share with you some of my secrets of how I do it.

1. Relating

This one technique when used correctly can help you have endless conversations not just with your long distance girlfriend, but with virtually anyone.

What relating means is paying careful attention to the conversation and based on the content of the conversation – jumping to other RELATED topics.

For example your partner says: “Oh, I can’t wait for this new movie “X” to come on cinemas. I think I have watched the trailer for like 10 times already. The music is so nice and the actors are just really cool!”

So, the common and most boring follow up to her statement might be “Ok, I guess the movie should be nice.”

However if you were to RELATE what she said to something else, you could talk about so many related topics like: how cool it is to watch movies at the cinemas; when was the last time you went to the cinema; what movies genres does she like most; showing her some other trailers of some cool movies that you can’t wait to watch; what famous actors are playing in that movie that she told you about; what actors do you both like in general…and so on.

Every word underlined in the text above could make for a new topic you could jump to.

It could be an endless stream of conversation. And every new statement she makes can bring up a lot of other conversational topics.

As I said this technique could help you have endless conversations, and it’s something that we all use naturally when we talk to people, without even realizing it.

However when you do use it consciously, you can actually take control over the length of any conversation you have, simply by finding jump off points in other people’s statements and contributing with your own statements, stories, or questions related to what was said.

2. Dissecting

This is a technique that is very simple to use, and very helpful to keep the ball rolling. What dissecting means is listening to what she has to say, for example what she did today, and then dissecting each activity that she did today and asking clarifying questions about it.

For examples she says: I have read a book today, I have listened to some cool music, did some exercising and ate some delicious salad.

Then you can take each one separately, and start asking questions about it, for example “What book did you read? or Tell me something interesting that you read in that book!” and so on, until you exhaust the topic about reading, and then moving on to music, and then to exercising and then to the salad and so on…dissecting each activity.

Of course you’d want to do it smoothly and naturally, by simply being curious and wanting to know more details.

3. Preparing

During the day many things happen, even if it may not seem like, but when you go through the day with an eye for new things to tell your girlfriend, you’ll start noticing some interesting things, stories, funny stories and so on, that would make for great conversational topics when you girlfriends asks you “What have you done today?”.
I recommend that before calling her on Skype or on the phone, to simply put down on a piece of paper in front of you a few things you want to tell her, or talk about.

This way I promise you, you’ll never worry about what to say next, and sometimes (as it often happens to me) you’ll never even get to talk about those things that you wrote on the paper, because you’ll have so many other spontaneous

Inspiring and elaborate enough to boost our knowledge on communication.
Communication skills are so helpful in lubricating our engine of friendship and makes relationship ecstatic in any aspect of our lives.
Thanks for this eye-opener; God bless you.
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Spottykay Publisher
hmm its good i can never think of writing a story like that
thats gud

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