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how do u no true love?

This Damilare Oyebode a.k.a Arshavin
Chris Head Mod.
@Marian. From my own understanding, true love is when two people know every thing about themselves both good and bad and still love themselves unconditionally.

For example, if a man has been to jail in the past because of theft, or if he smokes or drinks or if he's in a wheel chair, that shouldn't compromise love at all if it is real.

Take for example, Cobhams Asuquo, the blind music producer. The love his wife has for him is true because she knows that physical disability is not a determining factor where "love" is concerned.
A blind girl luv her boyfriend, and promise the boy that, if she can be able to see the world she will marry him unfortunetily she beinging to see. And tell him that she will not marry him again why?
Chris Head Mod.
Hi Alfred,

A blind person cannot show true love to anyone, because they dont know who that person is completely.

From the definition I gave marian, true love can only happen when two people know everything about themselves both good and bad. In this case, the blind girl doesn't know the boy's physical appearance or what he does behind her back (or even in her presence!), so there's no way she can "truly" love him. What she shows is likeness.

For example, a vampire man may find a beautiful blind girl who he would love to eat, but before he eats her, he may decide to fatten her up first. So he starts feeding her well and takes care of her. The girl on the other hand won't be able to see his long vampire canine blood-stained teeth or the way he dresses or the things he does in the house, instead she would say in her mind "I like this man, he takes care of me and feeds me well".

But what happens later? He uses her for dinner.

So my point here is... You can only truly love someone if you know who he/she truly is.
Wen ur partner is serious abt d relationship u av.

Hi Alfred,

A blind person cannot show true love to anyone, because they dont know who that person is completely.

From the definition I gave marian, true love can only happen when two peo

Love is a game, and everybody want to play. pls give ur love to whom that need it
True luv is wen 2 pple ar in a relationship and they love each other to the extent dat they can't do without each is also bringing out the best in one-another.

Chris Head Mod.
That's true @princess
True love is wen 2 pple understand deir self nd dy r ready 2 love each other as one
sacrifies in all ramafications not even minus one
sacrifies in all ramafications not even minus one
u can know true luv wen d person u are dating concern about u and ready 2 share what is appening between u & him
true love can never die
No general method of knowing true d only way 2 kno true luv is to kno he who doesnt hv jesus cant luv
marian odior:
how do u no true love?
wen u fil it u knw it
becose i see it
true luv is always there 4 u
True lov does not jealous, true lov is patience, it is long suffering, being kind 2 one another, honesty, endurance etc. By Nia
true love is making eachother happy and meeting their needs.
true love is forgiven d one u cherish wen they wrong u.
emotional matter alot and behavier
eli don santos:
emotional matter alot and behavier
also 2 b humble and responsible
True love is an agreement ad corpration btwn 2 hrt, it does nt demand back, it does not envy, it alway admire ad appreciate. True luv is patienc, kind, respect.
1.follow your heart                 2.pray over it sure you know the person(in and out)         4.evaluate his/her xter        5.finally work on yourself
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Many of you replying only base love on marital or relationship between a boy and a girl. Love is not only on the aspect of marriage; for example, a man can love another man deeply from his heart (please, not talking about gay); therefore true love is doing to others what you would like them do to you; now you can know true love when you are facing challenges of life; true love stays with you no matter the situation.
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True Love adds Value to ones uses all at its disposal to make one a better person than it met one,no matter wat.

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