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it is very possible. . Cos this days girls hardly cook i believe men can cook better than women. . .is true.

nt all men ooooo........
Sum can.
Some guys I know don’t consider cooking a
worthwhile venture. Besides the occasional
stint behind the grill, they’d rather bask in
blissful ignorance than feed themselves in
more than 3 steps: stab, chew, swallow. But ask any woman (or man that already
knows how) why it is better to be a kitchen
savvy dude and you’ll start to see what these
guys are missing. Whether it’s because they think it takes too
much time, too much effort or wrongly
assume it’s a woman’s job, men who never
learn to cook are losing a huge opportunity to
take their man skills to the next level.
Spottykay Publisher
Yes men cook well now adays but womens behave like queen so they are not cooking experts
Women can cook more dan men.
Men ar a great cook
It is true dat men cn cook better dan women.But it shud b in some of d men and women dis cn b appleid.
true sum men cook beta dan women but some are too lazy and have pride saying cooking is a woman's work
men do great while cookin but women do the greatest of all
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Women cook better dan men
2 me false  sum boys av nut bin 2 d kicen sinc d da of teir dilivry tey don't even knw d way 2 kicen so hw wil tey cook.
All my enemy will dance skelewu 2 hell.
True,some men do it more better
Sweet dreams.
yes! some men do better in cooking than women,
refference; check all restaulent/hotel who are de most cooker? do you thnk why?
"full what is empty
empty what is full"
NO sir,women can cook much better than men y?b'coz it's thier responsibility so dey av no other choice than 2....learn
FALSE. some men can cook br not better than women,, men only know how to eat. 
false,women cook than men
anyway wat i know is  women can cook better.
I fink dt men r d best cook o,bcus i also cook d best sum men but not all men
How can i get the full story of Nigeria.
Notwithstanding the woman will 4ever be the queen in the kitchen
I tink some men can bt some cant
I think cooking is one major pride of a woman as not all men(only few) would wish to marry a woman who does not know how to cook.
  Some men find it difficult to continue tolerating the fact that their wives can't cook. This at atimes leads to divorce and seperation.
I think so too,i believe men are the greatest cooks/chefs in the world 2day
For where, then they share am,who make you the best cook? Well Thank God u said you think so and not you know.
I think so too,i believe men are the greatest cooks/chefs in the world 2day
@Mikel, you are totally wrong: for me, no woman can boast before me when it comes to cooking; l cook tantalizing and delicious meals.
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Na lie women ck beta dan male

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