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By now, you probably know very well that communication plays a major role in sustaining a relationship. And you probably also know that communication is even more important in a long distance relationship. That’s why I’ll spare you the speech about how important communication is, and give you some practical ideas on how to actually use it effectively to strengthen your long distance relationship.

“Stop telling me that communication is KEY in a long distance relationship, and actually give me some advice on how to use communication in a long distance relationship!” – this is one guy’s comment to a random article that I’ve read online talking about the importance of communication in a long distance relationship.

Everyone can say: Communication is key! You have to communicate! And along with “you have to trust her“, “communication is key” has become the second most popular advice on the internet when it comes to long distance dating.

But what do we really  mean by communication? Is it being in touch and talking every day? Is it solving problems by talking them out? Is it getting to know each other day by day by talking a lot? Or what is it?

Truth is, communication could mean a lot of different things, and that’s what makes it a very vague suggestion.

To me communication is more than just talking. Communication to me is connecting with my girlfriend so that we feel comfortable and happy in each other’s company (be it on Skype, phone, or face to face).

So, let’s shed some light on what communication really means in a relationship and figure out some ways on how we use it in an effective way.

Here are the six meanings that you should think of, when you hear the term communication,  and 6 ways to use communication to strengthen your relationship:

1.  Communication means talking about your needs and desires (especially when things get though). And also listening to each other and understanding each other’s views on different issues, so that you can find common ground and keep souls happy.

2.  Communication means being open and sincere with each other by expressing all and anything that may bother you or anything that may worry you. This includes personal problems, feelings about the relationship, doubts, suspicions etc. While poor communication means keeping such issues inside.

3.  Communication means getting to know each other by talking about your preferences, your past experiences, your views and opinions on different matters.

4.  Communication means building trust and respect in your relationship by getting to know each other’s boundaries (what you accept and what you don’t accept in a relationship).

5.  Communication means creating a connection between you two, by expressing your feelings toward one another – making her compliments and declarations of love.

6.  And lastly communication means building attraction by flirting, making each other laugh and overall creating a playful vibe between you two.

Therefore, communication is much more than simply chit-chatting.

I have written a few different articles already about how to communicate better in a long distance relationship. Articles where I share different suggestions and ideas on how to make your conversations more fun; how to avoid awkward silences that may kick in while talking on Skype; ideas on how to improve your text messaging, tips to get her laughing, adding s3xuality in your conversations and much more etc. which I recommend that you read.

But also keep in mind the following quote:

Your actions speak louder than your words. (R. W. Emerson.)

So, don’t limit yourself to verbal and written communication only, but also let your body language and your actions speak for yourself: smile, face her when talking, listen actively (nod), do something unique for her, and thus make your communication really become KEY in your relationship 8)

You must be an Orator !
Let's keep in touch always here on jalingo ; so we can learn from one another; dont post this and run away from this site: keep coming.

I believe you can be a blessing to many here: l love hearing/reading from people who employ wisdom to table their speech.
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