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A friend of mine, Anne came to my room crying .since we just started registration for returning students, i thought maybe she failed to get her clearance slip or maybe she was just stressed.
   When i asked her what was wrong ,she told me her boyfriend broke up with her. What a douche. And right after they had s3x. I mean what guy does that. Thats just heartless.

He was her first at everything and all he did was toy with her emotion.  The guy had been pestering her for s3x for ages and the day she gave him all she had, he simply walked away with no remorse. He even had the guts to tell her that being a virgin was over rated and he did her a favour.
Hmmm in all honesty, is being a virgin really over rated? (please share your view on this)

Chris Head Mod.
I'm not a girl so i may not know much about this topic.
I think men prefer to marry a virgin bcos since she doesn't know much about s3x, it'll be difficult for her to cheat. So being a virgin is NOT overrated, but thatz just my opinion.
kitsune Guest
I'm not a girl so i may not know much about this topic.
I think men prefer to marry a virgin bcos since she doesn't know much about s3x, it'll be difficult for her to chۈt. So being a virgin is NOT overrated, but thatz just my opinion.
thanks for the honest answer Mr Moderator xD.
Being a virgin till marriage is a pride of a woman and her husband respects her for that.
I met my wife as a virgin (she was even 28years then at the year of our wedding) and that is a pride on her own part and on my own; I cherish her for that and also for my special love for her.
Many girls make mistake of giving their bodies to boys, because they think that's the way of showing them love: its wrong; any boy who demands for s3x before marrying you as a girl wants to destroy your future- the best step to take as a lady is to walk out of such relationship, if you know there's no way you can prevent him from s3x before the D-DAY; many things(agony/sorrow, lost of personal integrity etc) are attached to this societal menace of pre-marital s3x.
Hummmm, my opinion may sound not popular or not acceptable by many, but its the bitter truth that, its the best to stay clear from s3x until you are married lagally or become a legitimate wife.
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She was, now this is the question which has never been possed before: What about you, were you?
I've told you this before; you have forgotten.
I was a virgin too:l told you l didnt even know how to have s3x with a woman then(at 31yrs).
Anyway,this was so,because of my belief then(I gave my life to Jesus when l was 11yrs through Deeper Life Ministry by God's grace; not by my own power- 1988) and also because of the way my father brought me up.
Myself and my wife were both thinking it was the work of the devil, because we were not able to have intercourse. We went to bookshop to buy a book titled "Every Woman" , which we read to have knowledge about s3x; the book is still with us till now and we do refer to it whenever we have challenge s3xually.
I think its the best to marry as a virgin; because l'm free from harrassment from any girl, as many do have problems based on their former relationships; anyway,all is by the grace of God. That is my own summarised story on this.
Now to you,are you still a virgin? Let us learn from your experience, because l believe we learn from one another on life's issues.
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I will tell you. Not leaving a single detail. I used to m-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-e when I was arround the age of 12yrs. I then read a book of the negative health effects of whacking off and that was when I stopped. About 8yrs ago.
  A topic was posted here which I commented on recently if you were following, about the Biblical stands on m-a-s-t-u-r-b-a-t-i-o-n, but to be frank, I 've never had s3x before.
Thank God you stopped m-a-s-t-u-r-ba-ting; 'cos, starting it at that age might create a great problem in the future:its even better for those who started at adult age, but anyway I didn't m-a-s-t-u-r-bate before I got married and all by God's grace,as we all know;bt sincerely,its s3x with a girl that destroys your virginity.
I'm telling you,l faced serious temptations at a point to commit f0rnication(because we are all still in the flesh and we are not impotent),but the grace held me strong. Different girls tempted me,from neighbourhood & from the church:even some youth sisters when l was a youth leader in the church;but thank God I had a good record, because, something(which is the grace) held me back from committing it and l didnt make a mistake to woo any of them at any time- l do thank God for that whenever l remember.
For you to stop that act at a tender age is also by God's grace, because many just continue like that & the next action is looking for a girl at all cost to satisfy their body desire.
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Am glad for the school I went to during my senior secondary school, they made me what I am today.
Glory be to God; my own secondary school was even corrupt that I would have dipped my hands in many ungodly things; but God made use of somebody l can never forget in my life: that is my Lovely Dad: a man of determination and integrity: God used him to mould my life according to His will.
He is a Rare Gem, I will never forget.
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After all the cruelty in the Nigerian Army days, you father kept in the 'fold'? It was God at work!
Yes, you get it !
It was God at work.
His mother(which is my grand-ma)was a christian too: she read the bible till around the age of 90, and she stopped reading it when she could not see with classes again. The grace was transfered to my father and he gave his life to Jesus as well, but l didnt know the time he gave his life to Jesus anyway.
Even some people dont believe my dad had been in the Nigerian Army and Police Force, when they look at his character and dealing with others.
And one thing, my daddy taught us God's way by example.
Everything was just by God's grace: not by human power.
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