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Do U Think There Is Anything U Can Use 2 Identify A Guy Who Is A Virgin

I dnt belve dat guyz re vrgin
No instruments or methods yet scientifically discovered(Not yet scientifically proven).
None can tell for now. Only the guyz know themselves and no one else.
That is left for     GOD and the guy     to answer.
@cuties, why did you say, you dont believe that guys are virgins? Do you mean there are no virgins among guys?
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another jamb question.wel thats one thing that can never be possible for doctors to prove
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
Its hard, but I think psychology can discover something.
How can psychology do that?
Explain how that can work or give us a clue on it.
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Good Question Mr Paul;
Psychology deals with the things of the mind. An intellectual not necessarily a psychologist, it could be you can still predict if someone is a virgin by observing their attitude and reactions anytime something explicit is been discussed. It may take some time, this method is not always effective though, its relevance cannot be overemphasised.
Ok For Example: If there is discussion on s3x in a group; what behaviours would make you know that a guy among them is a virgin?
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Look him straight in the face, do not confront him coz he may get suspicious and start up pretence. Pretence is usually the reason why this method is not always effective.
 You can judge from their expressions, contributions, their attitude.
I get something from your statement; but my real question is, will he be more or less interested in s3x matters if he is a virgin?
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A true virgin will listen to you, though may not have any contributions to make.
 You can also use this medium to identify those who are likely to cast out their viginity sooner than later.
Hmmmmm !
 I learn something from that.
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Am glad you did

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