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3. Our honesty is well-
We know that, at times, tact
can be the four-letter word
that we never learned. But
many times, being brutally
honest is our way of showing
you that we care. Think about
it: Throughout the day, it's
common to lie or obfuscate
with people you have no
interest in. The art of BS is
how we get through the day.
But with you, we want to
forget all that. We want to tell
you why your mother bothers
us and how you can stop
fighting with your high-
maintenance friend. Not only
do we think it'll solve a
problem (more on that below),
but we also want you to know
that we think of highly of you.
And mom taught us that you
don't lie to the ones who
4. We really (really)
want to solve your
One of the biggest differences
between men and women is
how we handle difficult
situations. Many times, women
want to talk about what's
going on just for the sake of
talking. To know that
someone is really listening to
them, and is here to comfort
them when times get rough.
And there's nothing wrong
with that. But for men, it's our
instinct to come up with as
many potential solutions to
the problem as possible. Blame
the wiring in our brains, but
what it boils down to is that
we don't want to see our
loved ones suffer. So if you
just want to have us listen —
and not do anything about the
problem, or offer our opinions
on how to fix it — then tell us
that up front. That way we'll
know to keep our traps shut
and arms open.

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