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Mr A
Paypal recently added 10 new countries to its service, including Nigeria.

Anyone living in Nigeria can now open a legitimate and verified PayPal account without any road blocks whatsoever.

To register for an account, simply visit from your computer.

At the top right corner of the page, click on the Sign up button, and you will be taken to the 'account type' selection page.

First, make sure your country is selected as Nigeria, then choose Individual as your paypal account type unless you do have an actual business with an address and a building, then in that case you can choose the Business account type.

After choosing your account type, you will be taken to the sign up form proper. Here you will be required to fill in your personal information. For your password, you must choose a password that is at least 8 characters long and contains at least a number or/and a capital letter; if it contains neither a number or a capital letter, you will not be allowed to submit the form. Also, choose an email you will be keeping for a long time as that email is where transaction alerts will be sent; it is also what you will give to anyone who want to send money to you (in other words, that email address will act as your 'account number'). The other fields are pretty straight forward. Go ahead and submit the registration form when you are done.

After registration, you will be taken directly to your account overview. The first things you should tackle are the notifications on the right side of the screen.
1. Verify your paypal email address: This one is pretty straight forward, simply login to the email account you used to register, then click the confirmation link in that email.

2. Link a credit card to your paypal account: This is the ultimate verification step. You will need your ATM card to do this (I believe all banks now use internationally acceptable debit cards (MasterCard, Verve e.t.c). I am going to use GTB for the explanation since that is what I used to verify my account.

When you click either the link in the notification area or the 'Get Verified' link under your name, you will be shown a screen with a brief explanation of what is about to happen; in summary, you must have at least $1.95 (N322) in your account before you continue. That cash will be taken from your account, and then returned back to you in 24 hours; this is just to verify that the account is yours.

When you click continue, you will be shown the add card form. Select your card type then go ahead to type in your card number (this number is displayed in front of your card. GTB card numbers are about 16 digit long), cc code (this number is the 3 digit number displayed at the back of your card), and finally the expiry month and year for your card which can also be found on your ATM card.

After you have requested to be verified, check your mobile phone or email for the SMS or email alert from your bank. Check throgh the alert message for a text like PP*[XXXX]CODE .. where XXXX is your verification code. Copy out that four digit number then go back to your PayPal account overview page.

From your PayPal homepage, click the 'Get Verified' link, then on the next page, type in the four digit code you copied from your alert email or SMS. That's it. You will be verified immediately, and the sending limit from your account will be lifted.

I registered and got my PayPal account verified in about 10 minutes. If you find your self stuck somewhere, just ask.

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