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5. Android Native Browser
Number 5 on the list is the browser that comes
preinstalled on Android devices. While it doesn’t
use as much data as some other brand-name
browsers, it’s still a high data user.
4. YouTube
No surprise here, movie and video streaming
apps such as YouTube eat up a lot of data.
3. Instagram
Social-media sites, especially those like
Instagram that are image and video heavy also
use a lot of data, especially if its users are not
only browsing, but also uploading their own
images and videos.
2.UC Browser
This is yet another browser on the list that
consumes a lot of data.
1. Google Chrome
Out of all the browsers, and across all 10,000
apps we looked at, Google Chrome uses the
most mobile data.
Some apps use a lot more data than others ,
and mobile-browser apps are high on that list,
taking three out of the top five spots.
Webpages can vary widely in size, with
graphically rich sites eating up a lot of data for
users. Roughly speaking, browsing about 10
pages a day will eat up 100 MB.
Are these apps what you expected the culprits
that eat the most data to be? What other apps
do you think are guilty of using a lot of mobile
If you haven’t already, , which is now driving
data savings for users, saving them up to 50%
on their data diet and helping to avoid future
horror stories.

Spottykay Publisher
Is there anything to do to the instagram
But another factor for data consumption is the network you're using for browsing.
For those apps you have detected to be consuming heavy data, its better you use glo data plans.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
No Sam, browsing is always at a standard rate of 5K/kb
I surely know that; atimes l question myself on that as well and l'm surprised when l discovered this: the consumption rate is still different; l've studied what l'm taking about.
Take for example; the rate at which you will consume 10mb of etisalat will be faster than the rate you'll consume 10mb of mtn; go and look at it very well.
Etisalat and Airtel consume faster than Mtn, while mtn consumes faster than glo; that is what l've seen personally and l dont like proving what l dont see practically.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
The directions were issued by NCC, any network going contrally will be penalised.
In Nigeria?
Forget about that; what has the NCC done to MTN with all the complaints of people over annoying messages and 419 mtn officials?
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
Spottykay Publisher
There are some consuming aspects of data which these services do not let us know about but when they start they consume much truly on etisalat and not much on glo
You have also seen that?
I dont know why yet and l begin to wonder why such should be happening, when there's general data consumption rate.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
Rules are rules. There can't be a set of rules for MTN and another for others.
Spottykay Publisher
oh do you knew that etisalat,airtel are faster than other networks in browsing
Partially, it depends on the network in your area.
I discovered that etisalat is the fastest in our area here, followed by mtn; that's why l prefer using the two network for browsing. Eventhoung Airtel is also fast here but l dont have interest in it because of its high calling rate.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
MTN can be amazing when the network signal is strong. Etisalat and Airtel have wider bandwith.
Wider Bandwith as how?
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
Spottykay Publisher
Bandwidth is the Rate of Signal or Frequency and it's not Bandwith it's Bandwidth
Ok, thanks for that Spottykay!
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
Yeah thank you Spottykay, it was a typographical error.
Spottykay Publisher
Okay I understand no problem
Thanks for your understanding.
Spottykay Publisher

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