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We've been saying that java is the best software platform and also,symbian is the best platform apart from talking about android,windows and apple.I want to explain about java and symbian first i start with java advantages and disadvantages of the both:

1. Nokia java phones are the most developed java softwares which has some features like minimizing only in nokia asha phones but not all nokia java minimize apps.

2.Nokia jvav has no antivirus to use so it can be damaged anytime.

3. Nokia has software update which is necessary so that Your phone can be up to date,if not it won't work anymore either it needs flashing.

4.Nokia asha softwares support the best java performance.

5. if you need a phone with wifi and 3G which is java then go for some best nokia like:Nokia Asha 302, Nokia Asha 303 , Nokia Asha 502,Nokia Asha 504 And 503 And So On.

Thats all on the java now i'm moving to symbian:
symbian are the ones after java they are really developed softwares and on this some of the disadvantages in java will not be disadvantage for symbian but advantage.

1. All Nokia symbian apps can be minimized not like some on java but generally all symbian.

2. Symbian also support software Updates but if update is made for the phone.

3. On the Nokia java it is said that not all phones have 3g and wifi but on symbian it is found on all of them.

4. Nokia symbian do support antivirus,not like the java which has no antivirus,this means nokia symbian are still secured more that java

5. The only disadvantage of nokia symbian is that the brand new ones can't be found in Nigeria but other countries.

So i see symbian i still the best out of the comparations i've made.       

I 'd prefer symbian phone too. E5 has been my favourite
the only things which pains me is that you cant buy a brand new one in nigeria
Symbian? Now that's what you fail to understand about Nokia. They don't make the same product more than once. It's either an improved version or an entirely new one. They are no more of such in the market.
but its still better than java like turning a symbian to an hotspot instead of android
No denying the fact. But we are in a modern era where we need to do away with trivia things.
Apart from nokia and symbian; the world is now advancing fast because of competition in the market; others (like even common itel products), are now producing highly developed devices that you cannot imagine except you use them and see their functions.
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Absolutely, I 've respected an Itel phone like that coz I never expected such quality from them.
In fact, itel phones are strong, apart from their operations.
I'm using an phone which l bought in February, 2013; the phone has fallen into water, on the ground, scattered many times, but never develop fault.
There are some other advanced itels in operations and also with strong built.
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Yap they re secured and strong but not nokia and nokia parts is able to get in d market
@Sam, yes they do exist. The only problem is that we are not keen to notice them quickly.
Yes, but there is a code you can use to detect original if you want to; as you can see, many things have mixed together in Nigeria Market; we are living in a country where they import anything, but original can still be found in the market.
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It is *#0000# for Nokia phones. I don't know for other products
actually there was a post how to check if your china phone is original but it's been a long time which i've seen it.
What was its title? You can access it with a clue of the title or which board it was posted on
But I need code to check the originality of itel phones.
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Maybe you would have to google it out, if thats the only choice left coz I 've got no idea. *#06# will give you the serial number of any phone.
Ok, thanks a lot; l'll try that.
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aw s**t i forgot,*#06# is also a way but there is something to check in the serial numbers which i forgot but i've never seen fake tecno,itel and other china phones

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