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Mr A
The NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) has responded to complaints about expensive data consumption on Android mobile phones.

The summary of it all is that data downloaded from BlackBerry phones is served by RIM (Research In Motion) servers thereby making it easier (and cheaper?) for our network providers to handle packet data requests, thus BlackBerry users get cheaper data.
On the other hand, download data requested from Android phones is handled by solely by the network providers, and since they use up more resources serving data to Android (and other mobile phones), Android users get to pay more for data.
Read the full NCC explanation below:


The NCC as a regulator is responsible for promotion of fair competition in the communications industry and protection of communications services and facilities providers from misuse of market power or anti-competitive and unfair practices by other service or facilities providers or equipment suppliers.

The issue of data usage on Blackberry and Android smart phones has been generating a lot of comments lately and the Commission has a duty to protect and inform all stakeholders in the industry on all issues of concern.

RIM, the manufacturer of BlackBerry, utilizes a special compression algorithm to serve users of Blackberry handsets who have subscribed for Blackberry internet service. Whenever such a subscriber browses the internet and opens a webpage, a request is sent via the handset's browser requesting for the page to be downloaded to the phone. This request is channeled to RIM’s gateway in Canada, which fetches the webpage, compresses it and sends the compressed data back to the BlackBerry phone as a download.

On an Android phone, the request to open a webpage by telephone subscribers is sent to the gateway of the network operator which then processes the information and sends back the page to the Android phone as a download (the data is not compressed - thereby requiring more bandwidth).

The amount of bandwidth uploaded is identical between both Blackberry and Android phones, the difference lies in the fact that most of what subscribers do on their phones is to download content which varies on both. BlackBerry is indirectly subsidizing bandwidth by compressing the content downloaded by subscribers.

In effect, an internet subscriber using an Android smartphone to open a webpage may be downloading 100KB of data, while a subscriber using a Blackberry opening the very same webpage would be downloading 25KB due to the compression of data by RIM.

Bandwidth in Nigeria is an expensive resource, because most data is transferred wirelessly. This is the reason why the NCC is promoting wired infrastructure around the country through such projects as WIN (Wire Nigeria) as well promoting a Broadband Roadmap for the country which will greatly reduce the cost of bandwidth thereby reducing the cost of browsing the internet on smartphones."

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My andriod do nt suscribe unlimited
Plz help me wat shld i do.
Mr A
Mr A Admin
What network are you on?
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I use Mtn nd Etisalat. If i subscribe wth 1000 naria it wont nt last til 1 mth.
Mr A
Mr A Admin
On Etisalat you will only get about 200MB with N1,000 (see all the data plans => here). If you have a BlackBerry, you can get 3GB with just N1,000 (COM to 399)
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