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Check standings for the English Premier League

Now the interesting part of this tweak is that, now you don’t need to subscribe to anything, with 0.0k on your account, you can still browse and download unlimitedly. There’s nothing much to do than just editing your simple server config file.
 Change the IQUERY and VALHDR0 from “” to

This one ain't connecting. A friend shared this MTN settings with me last week but is not working on my phone. I will give it a try it as you said and see if it will work
I normally find people posting things like this but you'll have to work to get what you want
It is working perfectly. I have tested it but a little bit slow when i was browsing
That's a good thing to hear,that will enforce me to give it a try
Its worth giving it a try then.
You also need to try it
Of course sure!
You have to be quick now!!! And tell us so we have two testers confirmed working
Stay there and wait for someone to tell you its working, look this is a tweak, very soon it will be discovered and still then, you will be expecting another tester.   ;););)??????
So I won't be a tester when it expires
The choice is yours to make.
My choice is to try it
This is fake, I wonder how Panchaze said it was for real. I must hear from Panchaze again before drawing conclusions.
Have you tried it
Sir-phil, as i said earlier, it is working but a little bit slow. I don't enjoy it the way i enjoy my megabyte but i will still manage with it since it allows me to download audios and videos.
hmm that sounds good
You must be really grateful if it worked for you, coz it never did for me!
Sir-phil, let me know how you are trying to make it work for you?
I followed the steps as prescribed but ended up where I never intended to!
May Be Some Sim Cards Are Lucky
Maybe some are special.
Yes,you're right
Am always right... ;););)
Still the same!!!!

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