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I thought it was a rumour and i have to ask first because i have been hearing it from several people that MTN recharge card pin has been increased from 12 to 16 digits and i wanted to confirm whether anyone have seen it or have heard about it more than me. The 16 digits recharge card not yet reached your location. Has it reached your location or you have even bought it..?

Chris Head Mod.
I don't know. I use etisalat... best network :)
I don't know. I use etisalat... best network :)
MTN is the best network jare...
Chris Head Mod.
MTN is the best network jare...
Their internet is sluggish in my area.
Etisalat is too dull because they don't 3G in my area that is why i don't use it
it is now in my area
MTN is simply incomparable. I cannot think of another network even if their recharge pin rises to 24 digits!
MTN is my favourite network ever!

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