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Mr A
EasyFlex is undoubtedly the most popular bundle plan on the Etisalat network. Subsribers on EasyFlex will enjoy more airtime for making cheap phone calls to all networks, browsing and sending SMS to any network. This service is best suited for people who mke a lot of calls within a short period of time, e.g parents, business people or anyone at all as long as you make calls regularly.

The Conception Behind The EasyFlex Bundle

There are a lot of subscribers who do not make a single phone call for up to one month. e.g kids, aged people and extremely low class people who really cannot afford to recharge all the time. They would recharge about N100 and manage it for about two months. Of course, it is a good thing to manage, but if there ever comes a time when you would need to make a lot of calls within one week, then the Etisalat EasyFlex plan is for you.

With the Easyflex plan, Etisalat tries to tell you that if you load N300 now, and you are certain you would use it up within 7 days, why don't we give you N900 instead so that you can enjoy your week. This is exactly what Etisalat Esayflex does, it tripples your airtime as long as you are certain you would use it up within the specified time frame. There are plans that last for 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days. See the list of easyflex plans below and the codes to subscribe to each one of them.

Flex bundleBundle costActivation codeEasyflex value2 for 1 promo valueValidity
easyflex 20000₦20,000*344*20000#₦62,500NA30 days
easyflex 10000₦10,000*344*10000#₦32,500NA30 days
easyflex 4000₦4,000*344*4000#₦12,500NA30 days
easyflex 5000₦5,000*344*5000#₦12,500₦37,50030 days
easyflex 2000₦2,000*344*2000#₦5,000₦15,00030 days
easyflex 1000₦1,000*344*1000#₦3,750NA14 days
easyflex 500₦500*344*500#₦1,875NA7 days
easyflex 300₦300*344*300#₦900NA7 days

How To Cancel / Opt Out Of EasyFlex

To cancel or deactivate an Easyflex plan, all you need to do is dial *344*0# and you would receive a notification informing you of the termination. If that doesn't work, you could try sending OFF to
344 via SMS.

How To Check EasyFlex Airtime Balance

To check your easyflex bundle balance, all you need to do is dial *232# and press send.

to opt indial *344*X #, where X for e.g. = 4000, 10000, 20000Send "X" to "344"
to opt out of a bundledial *344*0#Send "OFF" to "344"
to check your balancedial *232#N/A

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It simply doesnt suit me coz I cant see myself recharging more than N100 except am gonna subscribe. But if I got you right, it seems the call rate too is as much affordable.
Please Mr A, do you know whether one can use the multiplied/trippled airtime to buy data bundle?
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I dont think so, not even share and sell as it is also feasible on MTN BetaTalk
Alright; that is another strategic plan of networks.
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They design it for the blind ones. Run a check, there is no 'Best tarrif plan'. Some simply have distinctive measures which suits someone's choice!
Of Course yes; if one tarrif plan benefits you in one area, it cheats you in another area.
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But I have noted that etisalat easylife is the best plan of etisalat, in term of cheap calling rates(its the one l'm using.
It deducts N6.60k for 1 minute to all networks in Nigeria, with daily rental of N5 ; but no deduction of that daily rental if you dont make any on the day.
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So what if N5 is your account balance? You see it's not gonna suit everyone!
But its very cheap, relatively; and if its another plan, you cannot even make any call with N5.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
But you can at least flash or send SMS with it if it were to remain.
Well, partially agreed, due to that point.
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