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How To Increase Your Blackberry Battery Power

Mobile phones have grown incredibly sophisticated, with a
growing number performing many of the functions of a full-
size computer, as well as some things a desktop computer can’t do, such as navigating with GPS
or starting a car. A 2011 Pew Internet Project survey found
that 25 percent of smartphone owners do most of their
Internet browsing on their phones.
The dilemma is that the more you depend on your phone, the
faster you’re going to drain its battery. While screen, processor and storage technology has
advanced significantly, lithium-
ion batteries haven’t changed much in 15 years. Incremental
improvements in battery
efficiency have been far outpaced by processing power
and screen size and brightness,
as well as 3G and 4G radios, Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth antennas, HD
cameras, GPS and a variety of
other hardware, all of which
require power.
To conserve battery life on your
phone, turn off what you don’t
need, optimize what you do and
perform a few tasks manually
instead of automating them.
You can both increase the time
between charges and add to your battery’s usable life.


1. Dim your screen to
significantly improve your battery’s life. Your phone’s
screen is the largest power draw on the device, and the
brighter it is, the more power it
draws. Dim it as much as you
feel comfortable with. The
phone’s automatic brightness
setting, which dims the screen
in low-light conditions, isn’t as
effective as reducing the
brightness manually.

2. Set a short screen timeout
interval to black out the screen
when you’re not using it. If the
timeout is very short, you may
have to periodically touch the
screen to keep it from timing
out while you read content.
However, if you mostly use the
phone for short tasks like
checking email or sending SMS
messages -- battery-consuming
tasks when you do them
frequently -- you'll see
significant battery savings
when you have a shorter
timeout interval.

3.Reduce the frequency of
application updates and syncs.
For example, set your social-
media applications to update
manually instead of
automatically, so they aren’t
constantly running in the
background, or while you’re not
using your phone at all. Apple's
iCloud also syncs frequently, and
you should turn it off when you
don't need it.

4. Eliminate unnecessary
widgets and animations. On
many phones, the bells and
whistles on the home screen
may use significant resources,
especially if they’re updating
news or weather frequently, or
using animations where a static
image would suffice.

5.Disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and
GPS when you don’t use them.
Each receiver or transmitter on
your phone uses juice even
when it isn’t connecting, and
both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
periodically search for devices in
the background, using up even
more battery charge. Some
smartphones include a widget
that allows you to enable or
disable these antennas when
they’re not needed. When you’re
in an area without 3G or 4G
service, consider disabling them
as well, to spare your phone the
batter-hungry effort of
searching for service that isn't
6. Use the Battery Saver or
Power Saver mode if your
phone’s operating system has
one. These features help you to
control the functions that sap
your battery’s power, including
background apps, widgets,
animations and screen
brightness. Third-party apps like
JuiceDefender or Battery Saver
for Android may help you
conserve even more power.
7.If your phone uses an Organic
Light Emitting Diode screen, use
a dark-colored wallpaper as your
phone's background. OLED pixels
light up individually, so keeping
most pixels as dark as possible results in power savings.
Unfortunately, this method won't work with LCD screens,
which use a backlight that remains at a constant level.

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