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Learn how to block a contact on android smartphones like LG, Samsung, and so on.

Whether it's a stalker or a sales rep you are trying to get rid of, blocking a phone number is always the first step to cutting a bothersome contact off your private life. People can be too intrusive sometimes given that the digital world is limitless and anyone who has a digital device is free to use it without limit. Ending a relationship with someone doesn't automatically deny them reach to your mobile phone, email or whatever you have given them; not blocking them would give them the opportunity to do crazy things like 'text-bomb' you, and of course one can imagine how frustrating and time wasting it would be to delete all those messages.

There are three ways to block a number or contact on your android phone.

Method 1: Blocking From The Phone App
Use this method if the number has recently called you.

1. Click on the "Phone" app on your android screen.
2. Make sure you're currently viewing the "Logs" tab, then click on the offending number in the log list.
3. Tap your android menu button to bring up a small action menu.
4. Choose "Add to reject list".

Method 2: Blocking From The Android Settings Area
Use this method if the number isn't saved on your phone.

1. Open the "Phone" app on your android home screen.
2. Press the menu button, then choose "Call Settings".
3. Choose "Call Rejections", then "Auto reject list".
4. Click "Create" to type in the phone number you wish to block. Click done to save the new blocked number.
The "Unknown" menu item there is to completely block unknown numbers from calling you; that is, numbers that are not saved on your phone, but who would want to do that? Perhaps some overly secretive business individuals.

Method 3: Blocking Contacts From The Android "Contacts" App
Use this method if the number is saved on your phone.

1. Open up the "Contacts" app from your android home screen.
2. Click on the contact you wish to prevent calls from.
3. Press the menu button, then choose Add to reject list.

How To Block All Unknown Numbers From Calling Your Phone
If you would like to prevent any unsaved number from calling you, it's easy to set that up from your android phone settings.

1. Launch the Phone app from your android screen.
2. Press the menu button.
3. Select "Call settings", thgen navigate to Call rejections > Auto reject list.
4. Check the box beside "Unknown".
That's it.

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