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Head Mod.
This is a guide on how to subscribe for a Glo mobile nigeria internet data plan on ipad devices.

Your cousin from the UK just sent you a brand new shiny iPad. It has everything you dreamed of: nice camera, large screen, crisp screen resolution, nice apps... Then you try to browse... "Oh snap! I need to get this thing configured."

Don't cry. You will find everything you need to know about ipad internet and data plans for glo subscribers here.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to get yourself a microSIM. You can get this from any Glo outlet in Nigeria. I don't recall how much it's sold but it's cheap.

Step 2: Ok now that you have a new microSIM, you need to get that baby registered. After registration, you would need to wait about 24 hours for the microSIM to be activated by the Glo guys.

By saying 24 hours I don't mean you should set an alarm or anything, you could wait for 23 hours or 21, the point is.. just wait for a really long time.

Step 3: The next thing you need to do is activate or launch the SIM. To do this, insert the SIM into a regular mobile phone, then dial 125 (This would notify the Glo network people that the microSIM is ready for use).

Step 4: Now look through this list of available plans...

Laptops & Netbooks Data
Always MAXN7,5008GB30 days *127*1#
Always MININ5,0004GB30 days*127*2#
Always DayN500195MB24 hours*127*3#
G 300N15,00012GB300 hours/3months*127*4#
G 100N6,0004GB100 hours/1month*127*5#
G WORKN6,0004GB30 days, 8am to 9pm*127*6#
G LEISUREN50004GB30 days, 8pm to 9am*127*7#

Glo Mobile Phones, iPad & Tablets Data Plans
Instant SurfN10013MB24 hours *127*51#
One WeekN40065MB7 days*127*52#
Always MicroN1,000260MB30 days*127*53#
Always MacroN3,0001.5 GB30 days*127*54#


When you have decided which plan you wish to subscribe to, load the required airtime and dial the subscription code to subscribe. You should get a notification informing you of your successful subscription.

Step 6: Now you can remove the sim from the phone and put it back into your ipad. Then go to Settings > Mobile/Cellular Data > APN Settings and configure it as follows:

APN: gloflat

Exit, then restart your ipad. When your ipad comes back on, navigate to your browser and try opening a web page. If it works, then congratulations. If not then reply below stating what problem you had.

How To Quickly Renew Your iPad Glo Internet Subscription

If you wish to renew your ipad subscription. You do not need to go through all the hassles stated above. It's easy.

Step 1: From your ipad, go to Settings > Mobile Data > Sim Applications > Magic Plus > My Account > Balance > Recharge. Then recharge your account depending on the price of the plan you wish to subscribe to.

Step 2: After recharging, open your browser and go to, then choose the internet plan you want. That's it.

To check your ipad data bundle balance on glo, Send info to 127 or open from your ipad browser. Your data info would be shown at the top of the page.

SMS cancel to 127 to cancel an existing data plan before switching to a new plan. Subscribers can text 'menu' to 127 to get more details about Glo available data plans.

Once again, if you have any questions concerning ipad internet browsing on the glo mobile network, feel free to ask.

Chidimma Guest
It gets stuck on the 'sending' page. Thats when i try to check the balance
Mr A
Mr A Admin
There are two ways to check your bundle balance on glo:

1. SMS info to 127
2. Visit, your balance would be displayed at the top of the page.

Please let me know if it works for you.
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chiedozie Guest
can i recharge & as well subscribe for glo bundle with my ipad without removing the sim from the ipad
Chris Head Mod.
Yes, see recharge instructions in step 1.
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fusam Guest
I can't seem to ope the website, it keeps saying page not found. Any ideas y?
Can i subscribe it for my iphone
Mr A
Mr A Admin
Can i subscribe it for my iphone
Yes you can.
Follow @JalingoHQ on twitter.
Slaiman Guest
this is just rubbish from glo I sub with my iPhone n its not working >:(

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