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How to Migrate to Airtel Club 10 Padi Plan by  Mr A:
March 30, 2014, 08:38:00 PM
On Airtel Club 10 Padi, you are allowed to choose 10 people (known as your Padis) with whom you would like to enjoy the attached benefits with. I recommend you choose those Airtel phone numbers you call frequently to get the most out of this Club 10 plan.

The benefits of the Airtel Padi / Club 10 plan are
- Call your 10 padis at 7.2 kobo per second
- Call other Airtel lines at 10 kobo per second
- Call other networks at 30 kobo per second
- Make international calls at 20 kobo per second
- Free 15MB data for every recharge of N200 and above.
- Free 1MB data for every call you make of 1 minute and above.
- Free browsing on Airtel via 0.facebook.com

The subscription / activation code required to Migrate to Club 10 is *166#

To add or remove numbers from your airtel padis, see: ยป Add & Remove People on Club 10
For additional help on airtel club 10, dial *166*1#



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