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Mr Paul
Gospel music has turned to worldly music, except we want to deceive ourselves. Many things have crept into gospel music; gospel music is meant to win souls to God's kingdom, but today so many composed songs by so-called gospellers are worldly and sinful songs backed up with sinful dances and worldly styles. Jesus said in His Word, will l find faith on earth when l come back?

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 Our gospel musicians av been fooled wit tricky sweet nd demonic beats nd s3xy girls just 2 mak deir songs interestin, attractive nd in order 4 dem 2 gain famousity. Now, even more nd more ar gettin lured in2 d world of darkess.

May GOD deliver us
Chris Head Mod.
Well this exposes the main reason why the so called gospel musicians are into music --> to make money.
They may have realised that keeping it clean may not fetch them money that's why they put worldly stuff into it. It's a huge shame.
gospel music has turn upside downThere is really no gospel in much of  the lyrics. . .
they sing.
Yes o my only God dat can deliver us
Nawaoo,gosple musicians dat re mnt tu draw souls tu d kingdom tru sngs re busy luring pple tu hell,no 1da pple by wrdly sngs tu bi sure f dere sngs

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