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Head Mod.
Okay now, lets go there.. Let me open this board by publicly challenging Mr Administrator! Hahaha you're in bro.

Mr A
Mr A Admin
lol, it isn't part of the rules to battle your admin. Ok, i'm officially dead then. who goes first?
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Chris Head Mod.
haha, brace urself bro. I'll go first.
Chris Head Mod.
Ice cold night, sitting on an ice cold floor/ I can hear the music booming loudly from next door/ Mixed with screams of young boys watching football/ I log on to livescore/ I've got to keep up with the scores/ But who cares? Not me obviously/ I try to stand up but my stomach rumbles rigorously/ Damn i'm hungry/ I've got to eat something and every other thing is secondary/ high school, sounds like a place where people puff free Mary J, thats cool/ it's Christopher/ now pass the mic over/ wont stop until this battle is over/
Mr A
Mr A Admin
- Nice flow bro
- I'm feeling your rhymes no homo
- Traffic got a nig'a chilling in a go slow
- Stressed out, i'll probly spit these lyrics in slow mo
- No show, i'm faded but i'll be sober tomorrow
- Laying down these rhymes so the fakes can borrow
- Staying true to me till the day I grow old
- Cuts on they jacket like i'm the lyrical zoro
- Fab, why do they call him Loso?
- Oh no, must be those nig'as from pronto
- Well so... can't think of where to fly to
- Egypt, S.A, Brazil or Morocco.

- Ugh, I aint done yet I'm just going in
- My energy levels up the more i keep flowing
- Keep borrowing, I see y'all on the online list following
- I.p dynamic, no one could ever follow me.
- You weaklings better enroll to rap classes
- Get good passes, or i'll have to ban your a'sses and then permanently get your name into the crap list.
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Chris Head Mod.
Superb. That was awesome... You're the clear winner...
guy have mx a lot cn this . . , war start again  .i think i hv sometin to gain. .am very sure any ni duro wo tan. .u cn ask frm enitan . , ko fun yin ni tan . . teba tan gen epo yin ma tan. . . now eduro jeje ke latan oga nbo . 
i love you all
guy just let me knw time that you al going to be online . . . and dnt try to go offline . . . if u dnt met me online just stay OnLine.
i love you all
Mr A is clearly the winner, good work admin.
Mr A
Mr A Admin
Thanks... We should organise a battle when more emcees sign up.
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nice one @rapping gurus(chris & mr a)
:) (smiling)
Bravo bro, seems u won challedge against Chris

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