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If only me writing can make all right and alright, I'd do my best never to run out of ink, I shall always dish bliss through my scribings, of what gain is potruding what's not loving? with words I shall use I shall create sweet.

If I could wield life with my articles I shall make it fair more than a white who bleached, so shall I preach love with my WRITE-UPs, if what I pen down can bring back to life, I shall plead with the merciful God and bring sinners back to the world so they can 'write' all their wrongs, so if words would mean true love, I shall write her a zillion words and more...

So if writing can make us righteous by writing ourselves clean, I shall word-bath on daily basis, I shall drown myself in the perfume of words and urge others to do alike dirnually, in the real sense what I'm actually thinking is if writing is all we need to attain ultimate good living in life thus making it, things easy then the reverse will be the actual case, Quills, Biros, Pencils, Papers will start getting missing, stolen, and many more related attrocities...

In the true form, dear reader, life's actually easy, the difficulties that Mankind is experiencing now is due to Humans' ill-thinking and actions, a loving world is achievable, such change is possible, start thinking right, it begins with you.

Happy New Month
Happy Independence
Embrace Tolerance, Harmony, and ultimately Peace.

-Cirphrank Wordy


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