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Freshers' Welcome Pro

***The way to a man' heart is his belly***

So the semester began, it was my first in the varsity, clearance had been an assassin and getting used to the new system was not being a smooth sail, or maybe I was a bad sailor.

I eventually moved into the hostel, coping was like trying to light a candle deep down pacific ocean openly. Foodstuff was a major deficiency(Yes! and don't ask how come, I'm not a pauper), but being a smartie that I am, I figured things out to some extent..

Less than a week after clearance, freshers' welcome started springing up, most organised by churches and fellowships on campus. If you still don't get it, that is the freshers' welcome, they don't just invite you to welcome you just with words, they welcome you with captivating acts such as dramas, musical renditions, and my most favourite; The Eatables!.

It is never a freshers' welcome if there isn't anything to eat at least so I think. Need I have to write that I became a frequent appearance at freshers' WELCOMEs? I became so known for it that sometimes when I'm going to class in an okay outfit mates will ask:"Na freshers'welcome you dey go?" And I started getting questions like: "when be the next freshers' welcome?", "Hava na, any freshers welcome dey dis week?" ... I eventually became popular, I had Freshers' welcome time table, and towards the end got me-self a partner in the ventures. Well, one day, water took toll of my garri.

I had earlier in the week been invited by a mate to CFI freshers' welcome, I was more than grateful for it though I didn't show it. It was a busy week for me, the program was holding on Sunday and I was out of school for some crucial reasons, however, sweating like someone who just escaped being baked, I hurried back to school and headed for the venue which was Auditorium, got in and one of those welcoming tagged me a late-comer(jokingly though), like I care. The inside of auditorium was filled, so I took a seat under one of the tents outside which had TVs reflecting  acts going-on on the stage inside. I watched a play by their drama crew which was un-deniably amazing, their pastors came on and started their activities, as at now it was raining childish (the child must be angry sha), people started leaving, leaving me thinking are they haywired? ! won't they just wait for just few minutes more for the Eat-ables at least? ! So the pastors took almost an hour plus some minutes doing their things and thereafter (about 7:01pm or so) a guy came on the pondium to take the annoucements as I watched on the screen and I heard only one; "Our freshers' welcome is next week Sunday..." wtf??? I had an usher seated beside me, I quickly turned at her, gave her an "ehn" look, excuse me I said, "yes" she replied, then I asked: "is this not freshers' welcome?" And she dished me the horror, "No, this is not..." she replied, I pratically screamed: "Jesus! Na im u nor tell me when I enta?" I stormed out shaking like I'm cold stricken, looking like a lion that just watched his prey escape, with the mood of someone ridden with misfortune, I ran-walked to my bunk, slept off without talking to anyone. Don't ask what happened to the guy that invited me.

***#Singing: ... One day the river will overflow...***

And so freshers' welcome pro took a bone.

***The way to a man' heart is his belly, the way to H3B' whatever was freshers' welcome...***

Tale By The Ale

Its always been like that.

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