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From yesterday;

"If anyone is having a bad day, remember that today in 1976, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% share at apple for $800, today it's worth more than $58,065,210,000"

In life, one of the things that requires utmost caution when being undertaken is DECISIONS, every single decision you make can either better or deteriorate your situation hence the need to not throw caution, critical reasoning and more to the wind when making one

Ronald sure would be feeling good now, if you as me I'd say he took that action 'cos he yielded to a certain pressure, either that of a pressing need or he simply didn't have a clear cut goal for his life. Sure the sale must have brought him a good feeling then, but did it last? I do not intend to write a long story but just want to let you have some piece of advice:

Don't make decisions in anger

Don't let awry situations influence your decisions

Have a clear cut goal for your life, be clear about what you want and don't be short sighted on your future

Some decisions are not to be made based on what you want but what you need

Prioritize wisely, smartly set up your scale of preference an constantly be a reminder of yourself not to deviate

Be focused on that big dream of yours, don't give in to side attractions, short term enjoyment.

Never take the short cut, it'll only have your future, aspirations, goals cut short. The best route to your success is that which you painstakingly, legally create.

Having a bad day? Dear someone out there is having things worse, a bad day, bad times don't make bad a life, wrong actions do, the implementation of wrong decisions.

Don't let the circumstances circumscribing your existence steer your ship. My piece for thee


Weldone boy, more greese to your elbow. I never heard of this before!
It's inspiring !
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Glad you found it so.

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