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Liying is dangerous. it bears bad fruits, it brings badluck, it is wicked, it destroyes relationship, it kills feelings most especially when the truth is made known, it gives birth 2 regrets. Upon all dis, people lie. Why?

somd people lie in other 2 save thier while some lie so dat day can earn more money
People lie because of fear of the unknown.
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
We humans lie bcos it is part of the flesh, but as christians we hv 2 overcome d flesh with prayers.
s3xy mama*2
People tell lies to cover up the uncoverables; one bitter truth is that nothing is covered under heaven; A song writer wrote-  "Your sin will find you out" .People tell lies to make money in offices(working Places), on the net and doing yahoo,yahoo (duping people on the net, telling people that they are in dakar senega, in the refugee camp, that they have dollars in their fathers' bank account to transfer..........), in schools(a student that tells his/her parents that she needs N10,000 for textbooks in the school, whereas the total money needed for the textbooks is just N5,000). People tell lies mostly to make money, but do you know that everything you swallow unlawfully, you will vomit one day. The Bible says "...... all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death" (Revelation. 21:8 ).
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I don't no .
All my enemy will dance skelewu 2 hell.
We r all sinners bt not wtstanding, lying is bad, Liars will nt inherit Gods kingdom.
But we all tell lies
@bunmiest, anyone that does something believes everybody does it; have you dealt with all human beings? Why then did you say, we all tell lie? Listen to me, God is my witness, l hate lies and if l want to manage to say a lie, the Spirit Of God in me makes it difficult to say it; of course, l have told a lie by mistake before and the Spirit reminds me immediately that its a lie; l then corrected myself right there. Except you are not filled with the Spirit Of God, it will not be easy for you to tell lie: your mind would not be at rest if you attempt to lie; God will judge all liars (REVELATION 21:8 ); delete lying from your system. God bless you.
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They Lie Just To Get What They Want

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