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Head Mod.
Over the years, lagos has seen the biggest rise in population. Even people who didn't grow up in lagos end up moving to lagos after school. For a state so small, why do you think everybody is flocking to it. The rise in population has brought about a lot of negative effects like heavy traffic problems and increased unemployment in the state. Even with the expansion of the roads, the state of traffic is slowly returning to the way it used to be six years ago.
Why do you think many people all over Nigeria move to live in lagos at one point in their lives?

Who told you Lagos state is so small?
And where and where have you been in Lagos?
I was raised up in Lagos as a kid uptill now i am 20yr so i know the gain, loss and secret of Lagos.
You can go and question your google and you will know more about Lagos and its feature, you will also know that Lagos is the biggest and populous state in Nigeria even if i will prove and defend it is the biggest and populous in Africa.
In terms of commerce, economics, security, employment, facilities and opportunities Lagos is ranked as number one in Nigeria and first 10 or 20 in Africa.
Chris Head Mod.
I am talking about geological size. Have you ever looked at the map of nigeria? Lagos state is one of the smallest based on area, the biggest should be sokoto I think.
No doubt Lagos has the biggest population, but the question is why do a lot of people still choose to move to Lagos till today even though lagos state is no longer the capital of nigeria?
What geological sense are you trying to fix in this issue concerning the size of lagos. This is not an issue for i to even make a comment because it sounds so dramitical and unprecedented.
I confront you confirm from the ''encyclopedia of Nigeria'' and you will see Lagos as the biggest city/state in Nigeria in terms of size & population infact this is no issue coz no name of state except Lagos was listed and why was Sokoto as you mentioned not listed.
Precisely what size do you refer to Sokoto at the north or south, is it the size that had been overthrowned by ''terrorist'' known as ''Bokoharam'' decreasing & declining the force of our Economic over there making the surface of the land looks like a desert of no man land due to the scare race of saving of life and properties.
I tell you infact Lagos State is so big that it contained all tribes, talkless more of those who ran from the north and south to Lagos because of fear of terrorist and Lagos still accomodate and contain them all, still yet there are still many undevelope sites that have never been filled with people, infact there are areas in Lagos that are not even involved or recognise in Lagos Map, take for example a large place like ''Isashi'' and ''Iba New Town'' was just recently recognised & now developing by the Lagos state Govt in the scence that formerly it was scarce to see individuals and was recognised as Lagos hideout because nobody knew about it not untill this time investors and miggrants had come to stay & there are still more space ahead to contain a half part population of  Sokoto in that particular area, there are major places in Lagos that had not been approved & recognise in the MAP of Lagos, this alone will outlet you to know how large & Big Lagos State is.
The other state i can accept to be second in size is ''IBADAN'' because it was formerly accepted due to how industrious it was in early stage of our country. The north no matter what, it is not compared to LAGOS in size & Population..
bcos suffering started dere
No! Suffering started everywhere. Other state has their own history but Lagos seems to be popular in telling story due to the over population force.
Chris Head Mod.
@Hooper, are you saying people move to Lagos because they want to suffer?

@Austine, check the map of Nigeria and then get back to me. Lagos has the biggest population, but it is one of the smallest in terms of land area. Go back to your geography notes.
The 'geography' & 'MAP' you refer to was stated down by humans like you who grabed the power of the world with force and controlling it from all sources, outlaying their own opinon as the final answer, for the problem embarrasing us are imitation and agreement without observation & investigation.
We believe in theory that had been documented down from the early years been generated by the  hands of the early power even if it has no proof and prove it not what it seems as you have take it as what it seems to be in your own ideology of imitation. We act so reluctantly to the extend that we no longer want to do our own indigenous research by ourselves instead we had taken the theory method as the final absolute answer to all around us and that is why in all branches and area  it had seemed to be recognised and accepted as what it is not to be...

It may looks so brain of researchlessness and thaught on what i am expressing because we do not learn by observation even when it is very clear to see beyond our observation..

Let me put it straight this way; A state like Ghana was once in a unitary form of goverment not just because of nearly same in tribe and languages but because of the xteristics of size and mass that bridge around the nation making it look little to be refer as a Federal soverign nation, and presently now Ghana is unified as a Federal Soverign which has state like 'Komasi, Accra etc'' but all state combined together to be one is never bigger than ''Lagos'' no matter the population it carries or size.
Let me direct more focus on UKRAINE recognised as a Federal Palamentary soverign having states like ''Donetsk, Crimea, Kiev etc'' all together are not bigger than 'LAGOS'. This is not a thing of the map on my own ideology as a Psychologist for its an act of self observation & research which do not have any link with geography has you refer to by relying on the theories documented by fellows like you whereby you can document yours and they be your fellowers.
no chris is not that,jst saying dat y are their so many people their
Hooper, i dont  understand your language.

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