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i use to wonder why private hospitals are far far better than public ones since is for the government and government has money than one person so it should be the public hospital that will be better. what happen and Why is this happening?

Our Government lacks proper organisation and they dont focus on important issues of the economy. Instead, they prefer going to oversea countries for treatment whenever they are sick.
Any government who doesnt care about welfare of her citizens is actually sick.
Any government who doesnt care about hospitals (where sick people are being taken care of) is also sick. The entire economy is sick, except we want to deceive ourselves; those facilities used in advanced countries' hospitals can be installed in our hospitals as well, but the government spends money lavishly to fufil their own selfish purpose.
That is just the main reason behind this.
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Spottykay Publisher
at your point mr paul what if there is a law that any person in power is not having a right to goto overseas for treatment isnt it good
Private Hospitals are very expensive, I 'd prefer a government financed hospital
Spottykay Publisher
i hope not all government hospital is not developed
My people; if you are ill, dont ever advise your people to take you to public hospital, because your enemy may die there.
I'm talking out of experience; how many public hospitals are well-equipped in Nigeria?
Do you think you can see a well-equipped one in your area?
I never try public hospital for my wife when she wants to deliver baby(even when l didnt have much in my pocket, l managed to get the money somewhere and paid it back); all my children are delivered in private hospital. My wife's sister who went to public hospital for her own delivery has a lot of problems/complications due to carelessness and lack of facilities: in fact, she almost died if not for God's Mercy.
Apart from lack of facilities, the nurses and doctors in public hospitals are doing the work the way they like; because its not their own; l've heard about a situation where some1 died in the public hospital because they didnt attend to him on time.
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Spottykay Publisher
we supposed to have right to fight the government for all these
Haaa ! Who is bold enough to do that?
Selfishness is our attitude in Nigeria.
Who can stand like Mandela and fight against corruption in the nation?
My friend, no one is ready to do so.
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But not all public hospitals are that miserable. You can have two out of ten in your area which can be reliable!
Spottykay Publisher
public hospital normally stays in the state capital
Get me right; l know that; but those nurses and doctors dont attend to patients promptly as they would do if its their own private one and also most of the time, too much patients may cause this in public hospitals.
Just of recent, my younger sister took her boy to the most popular public hospital in her area; do you believe that the nurses there gave the boy overdose injection and that almost cause serious problem for the child?
They have to give the boy an antidote to neutralise it.
To me, as far as Nigeria is concerned, l can't use public hospital for my family, except in the only one useful section of the public hospital; the only useful section in Nigerian public hospital is Immunization, which every one of us must take serious and this is not always available in private hospitals.
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Spottykay Publisher
the both all have advantages and disadvantages
Good point Sam
@Spottykay, tell us the disadvantages of private hospitals.
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I can help him, they are expensive!
Hmmm, you have a point, but not as you think atimes; it depends on the owner of the hospital; some are greedy while some are not.
Let me compare these two hospitals:
one can treat typhoid for N7,000 ,while the other one can treat it for N15,000 ; you know the difference is too wide.
I know the two hospitals l'm talking about.
Do you know one funny thing about the two hospitals?
The one with lower amount for treatment is more experienced than the one with higher amount.
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They assasinate such here in Benue State. A recent attack was made by our family doctor too las month. He survived an attack of gun-men who shot two bullets to his chest. Am not sure he 'll have the stomach to help people again when he recovers. One was also killed in February, He named his Pharmacy after his father Labe(Labet Pharmacy)
Spottykay Publisher
there are disadvantages such as inequality, which means that not every patient can benefit of private medical services.Therefore, taxes are paid by private insurance companies, if you need care after an accident or illness. All individuals who have a healthcare insurance policy as a result of their work agreements are receiving care in a private hospital, according to
company policies.
Another disadvantage may be increased cost, not every patient can afford to be
treated in a private hospital, especially students and older people. A disadvantage can be the ignorance of people in terms of positive outcomes if people get better treatment in either public or private hospital.These are characterized by a better system care, which may contribute to a successful economy, if people are treated effectively and
quickly, can lead to an
improvement of work
Such is not common here; eventhough it happens atimes: for example, my wife's dad, who was a medical doctor was killed with juju because of his help for people. Many times, he would not collect money from people who dont have on them and would treat them freely.
He was attacked and later died years after, in 2002.
But physical killing and assasination of such doctors, l've not been hearing that here.
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