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Oscar Pistorious arrest shocked the world and i ask '' Did Oscar Pistorious intentionally killed his girlfriend''?

Oscar Pistorious case of murder  began on feburary (leapyear) 2013, when he was charged to Pretoria courth in South Africa for killing his girlfriend who is a model, it is said that Oscar Pistorious a disable and an athlethe was just the winner of the paraolympics race and a six times gold medal winner before the incident occur @ night when he shoot at the bathroom door thinking it was an intruder unknowingly to him it was his girlfriend Reva Steenkamp which imediately resulted to her death. He has been in courth for one year & seven months defending his innocence of not been guilty of murder case but appealing it was not intentional neither was it knowlingly to him but was a mistake when he felt he was protecting himself from an intruder not knowing it was his girlfriend, according to him; he thaught his girlfriend was in the bedroom not untill he shoot and forcefully opened the door seeing his girlfriend lifeless on the floor before he screamed & cried for help in the neighbour wood.
 September 11/2014, Oscar was found not guilty of murder charges but was in the verdicts of
 ''culpable homicide'', which means he is not going to be sentence in jail for life but blamed and responsible for killing his girlfriend  with some legal charges which may sentence him for few years according to the law either intentional or not.
For more than one year i had been following up with the case of Oscar Pistorious and i came to discover fully in conclussion that the South African courth do not practise the act of jury due to the formerly apparthied abolished system of goverment durring the period of racism and the highest punishment in South Africa is
life imprisionment
and that is if Oscar was found guilty he would had been sentences to jail in life, this also made me to remember ''Nelson Mandela'' the late icon, how he was sentence to life in jail, spending 27years in prison before enthrone in victory as the first black South African President in 1994.
 I wish Oscar goodluck, love &  strength to begin again & to be carefull.
May the soul of Reva Steenkamp rest in peace. AMEN.
One thing i know for sure is that every
(leap month) of feburary will be a season of remembrance for Oscar Pistorious girlfriend. A month Oscar wont forget in his life, it might be a curse month or a bitter month in his entire life for the absence of Steenkamp will make him feel guilty and will always hunt him down as far as the
(Leap month) of feburary is concern.
Oscar wont be a happy man whenever we step on the Leap Month and my question is
''why is the Leap month different from other month''?
Oscar to face judgement on ''october 13'' as the family of Steenkamp and the people of South Africa say's judgement was not given against Pistorious in the case of murder instead of 'culpable homicide'.
Chris Head Mod.
This is not going too well for the poor guy.
Few hours to go for final judgement to be given against Oscar Pistorious as the black giant nation <South Africa> and the family of Steenkamp seeks for justice. If Oscar is found charge of other illegal case the final judgement might be postponed which may increase his number of sentences, if there is no other charge against him except ''culpable homicide'' Oscar may be sentences for one year or two years and maybe more than 10 years but what most importants is justice.
Today: /13th october/2014.
Oscar Pistorious resumes courth to face pre-sentences arguments and judgement, any moments from now (today) the final judgement will be pronounce against Oscar and that is if there is no any other illegal case or evidence founded against him for there is then the final judgement will be shifted for investigation and interrogation but these will be so terrible and unprecedented for Oscar Pistorious to bear compare to the previous verdicts of ''culpable homicide''. If none is found that will bring the final judgement today against Oscar and that final judgement will be on the verdict of ''culpable homicide''.

Awaiting for judgement while i remained tuned for the latest breaking news................on this case which brings together the black and white of South Africa but a great loss and a great shock.
Breaking news: Oscar Pistorious is sentenced to Jail for 15 years.
The final Judgement stated against Pistorious at the pretoria high courth was approved to carry out the legality and full strength of justice, today judgement day for Oscar had judge him to be sentenced for 15years in jail but the judgement can be withdrawn if legall charges of fees are demanded or plead listened but base constitutionally on the custom of the South African law. Now what next for Oscar, will he continue to represent his country in the paraolympics events? This is a question many ask and still asking. OR  will Oscar forever be hunt for the loss of Reva Stenkammp? No matter or weather he serves in jail or not what fair, watchefully, approved and judged is that Oscar had faced justice and justice had called him to the bar and by the bar he proved his innocence, proving his innocence he defend himself and was also defended by the defendant and eyewithness who came in favour of him. Before i conclude let me by quoting the late icon Nelson Mandela quote ;       '' Prisoners dont negotiate only freeman negotiate'' and i Austin Chika also quote down
''in negotiation you can dialogue and resolve problems driving from pieces to peace but that only done when you are a freeman and not a prisoner''.   

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