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Two blondes met themselves in heaven, one asked d oda 'hw did u die' she replied i died in d freezer. Then she asked u? Hw did u die?, d oda replied' i was a married woman i suspected dat my husband was cheating on me so i set out on a mission to find d woman who is taking my place. One day i left for work, i stayed abit at d office then decided to pay my husband a visit. When i came back home i saw my husband naked, so i went upstairs to fetch d slut flirting wit my husband, as i was running down d stairs i fell and broke my neck dat was how i died'. Then oda woman then said' if only u looked in d freezer mayb both of us would still be alive.

Mr A
Mr A Admin
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haha .xo d frezer ws ha hidout
Seems I hav read dis story somewhere.good,anyway.
same ol same
Hmm...nice 1,neva heard dat 1 before.
Wonderful! Lol.
Nelson, u will ever make it in life.B-)
Xo funny
dat's good.
haha .xo d frezer ws ha hidout
exactly, eeya
It Good, But U Would Have Use Hell In Place Of Heaven
So beautiful
LOL! So she was hiding in the freezer

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