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If you are educated & you still remain poor you are not educated because education wil make u creative.A person who is creative cant be poor,u cant be educated & still remain poor for an educated person is a creative person.A man without education gives invitation to poverty and poverty wil robb man dignity & bring him to the level of an Animal.A Great positive thinker is a Great Reader & a Great Reader is a Great Leader.A Great Leader wil rule the World.Let me tel u a true life story which has now become a History,about the Great man'Thomas Edison the inventor of Light:This Great man Thomas Edison failed 199 times before he could invent a Light Bulb.He was a Great thinker who never believed in Failure upon the difficulties & challenges he faced while inventing this Light Bulb he still did not retreat instead he worked harder until he was able to produce the right Light.That is a Great thinker for you &today he is a Great leader even when he is not Alive he is stil remember through the light in ur Palour,Kitchen,room & street etc But Christ is the Great light of the World,those who have knowledge let him/her understand what i mean.A person who always borrow will loose its value because it is what he desire.The reason why Lazarus became poor is because he desire to eat what comes after the rich man table,for the bible says whatever u desire you wil recieve.There is different between Faith & believe.Even the demon & devil believe there is GOD but they do not receive him with action which is 'faith'If u desire to be Great u wil be Great,if u desire to be like Lazarus u wil be poor just as he was poor on earth & ur enemy will lick ur soar just as the Dogs licked Lazarus soar & u wil wish u were never born.The Man Nelson Mandela desired for Justice,equity & freedom & he got it after spending 27 years in jail.When he came out from prison he quoted 'some are born Great,some achive Greatness & others acquire Greatness' he also quoted 'if you are poor you are not lively to live long. He really made the world to understand by quoting that'EDUCATION IS THE GREATEST WEAPON YOU CAN USE TO CHANGE THE WORLD' What about Goodluck Ebele Jonathan my president who desired to be Great even when he had no shoe to go to school & no bag to carry his book but today he is one of the world leaders.Who began from assistant Class captain to Class Captan,assistant Head boy to Head boy,Deputy Governor to Governor,Vice President to President.What about Bill Gate who is one of the Richest Men on Earth.He was a drop out from school but he stil desire to be Great and today the world recognise him for his familarity&popularity.In the chineese culture they believe in 3 things to be Great which are the FOUNDATION,PILLAR &ROOF.It is how u desire your foundation to be that wil determine ur Pillar & the Roof.Remember Jabez in the bible who cried & cried to GOD,saying to GOD: pls change my name Jabez.He desired for it & GOD changed his name positively to Greatness. WHAT about ELIJAH who desired for fire to come down from Heaven & fire came down.WHAT ABOUT YOU?WHAT DO YOU DESIRE?It is not all about going to church or preaching the Gospel,its about ur faith,believe & what you desire.For the church is u & is in u,for u are the church that CHRIST came on earth to build just within 3 Days.Remember the word of CHRIST while on Earth:He said destroy this Temple & i wil build it in just 3Days but the people did not understood just as u have fail to understand that ur body is the Church & the temple of GOD.Why do u let yourself to be decieve by the fake signs & wonders done by fake prophets,when the church is you.u have fail to desire a dwelling place for CHRIST in ur body has his TEMPLE.IT is ur duty to build the Church<ur body>just has CHRIST has done the foundation for you. The last word i wil say to u & the world is 'Be wise or the serpent will be wiser than u'Think Positively,believe in the name of JESUS & have faith in him in every good thing you desire in life & GOD wil fufil it for you.But the first thing u need to do is to accept CHRIST & every good thing u desire wil be added unto you.Dnt take my word as a blessing but take it as a sword,for it is ur wish to choose whatever u want in life.For the son of Man<JESUS>did not come to force the world to believe in him for he said i ve'not come to bring peace but i ve'come with a sword for Son wil rise against father & daughter will rise against mother,for u wil be trial & judge by Men but keep stil for i wil be with u in time of tribulation,trial & sorrow.Its never too late to receive CHRIST for if it was,CHRIST wouldnt had told the thief at his side that tonight u wil be with me in paradise.For time has gone when the cry was heard in the wilderness,time has gone when u wil expect a knock at ur door & a smile from the prophet before u recieve CHRIST.For the end time has come,it is been proving by what is happening in the World.FOR i stil maintain my word ''REPENT OR PERISH FOREVER IN POVERTY & IN SIN..."

Mr A
Mr A Admin
You are absolutely right about it being self inflicted, but why do you think poverty is a "sin"?
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"poverty" is a "curse" and not a sin.
Poverty is a sin ,that was why God sent his only begoten and beloved son to come on earth and die for the world that we may be save from everlasting death and poverty, for Christ was poor on earth so that you will be rich but the sins of your forefathers has reverse the curse of poverty that is why it is a sin today and a great cross for the world to carry. Imagine what this generation of our time are doing, imagine the killings of eachother through bombing and massacre all in the name of religious and political fight..those who will suffer this are the generations yet unborn for the sins and curse of their forefathers will be a part of their portions to face on earth. A generation that was not present on earth while all these happened will began to suffer a sin & curse they do not commit or have a knowledge about,and on the line of bearing this punishment more evil wil be commited creating more disaster to the future generations and generations, that was why the bible condems poverty has a sin but you do not understand because you believe and see in the physical and not in the spiritual. But how long do you want to remain poor in christ and perish in poverty?
Wow.......! am rili short of words,i dnt av anytin 2 say hmmmmmmmmindeed poverty z rili a CUZ nd a DISEASE bt nt a"SIN"
Happy sunday to you all: Destroy these temple and i will build it in 3days but the people did not understood just as you have fail to understand that your body is the temple of God. ''As you go to church today, cry out to God and tell him your desires, i promise you he will do it for you, or is there anything that is difficult for him to do'' pray for your country today at your church, pray for God to interceed for us in this crisis against Bokoharam, also pray for God to heal Nigeria from Poverty... Lets your prayer be a desire from your heart and God will make a way for you and Nigeria where there is no way...
2 me poverty is not a sin bcos sin means simple instruction neglected nd poverty is not an instruction
This is one of my best article i ever wrote in my entire life after ''No food for lazy man'' it is just the begining for my best is truely yet to come. I have a dream to become a Philanthrophist who will touch people life and eradicate poverty in the future now and yet to come, it always seems impossible untill it's done ''Nelson Mandela'' 
It dosent mean you got to have enough before you give, no matter how little you have please give to the poor who are in need and God surely will bless surplous in health and in more wealth. Lets follow the footstep of our Lord Jesus Christ, how he fed five thousand men besides women and children & when the people became hungry  and followed him he fed again four thousand men beside women & children. Its not as if Jesus was from a rich family while been on earth, remember he was the son of a poor carpenter but still yet he still had compassion, pity, love and mercy for the poor and hungry multitudes and fed them without a demand from them, so why do you expect to have enough before you can give out to the poor, remember i said and stated down that ''poverty is a sin & a curse'' but all of you never understood just as i quoted, that you have fail to understand that Christ became poor so that you will be rich, indirectly i refer that poverty is a sin on those who have and failed to give, why did the rich man whom lazarus ate under his table died and perished into hell fire that was because of his selfishness & wickedness & that become a sin towards his life, remember God said our righteousness is like a filty rag before him. So i tell you all reading this if you have two and fail to give to the poor one you will die and perish and the two you had will be consume by the earth mysteriously. Yes i repeat poverty is a sin to some poor people who never use the golden opportunity they had to become great instead they were after the vanity things of the earth and later become poorer than ever, but those who never ask shall never be given.
am at
No one understood the parables of Jesus Christ while he was still on earth and they never care to understand except his disciples because they plead for the light of understanding.
talking about poverty to me is better i die dan being poor
Whatever you believe that is what you are going to be. If you believe to die rather than been poor,i tell you that is what is going to happen to you.
Look at Jabez in the bible he was poor & truely poor for he did not believe to die rather than been poor just as you stated down. Jabez believed in him that he can become rich, Jabez cried out to God saying to God to change his condition, his mysteries, his sorrow & his name for God answered him & changed his life from pain to joy because he believed to become what he desire with faith.

What about Job whom the holy bible described as a man from the east in the land of UZ, the bible also described Job as an upright & perfect man and also the richest man from the east.
Job sorrowfull mysteries strucked & he became poorer than the poor for he losses all he sowed including the lives of his families, it was more than a sorrow in the life of Job for he was also strucked with sickness filled with an unknown diseases but Job never gave up neither did he thaught nor believed to die as a poor man even when his wife said to him
''curse God and die'' Job rebuked & cast her away for he strongly believed not to die as a poor man even when he said to himself ''curse the day i was born''.
Job faith & believe rose him up from sorrow to victory, from pain to joy and from poverty to more wealth, God blessed Job and doubled all he had in the past and he became more richer and famous than he was.
I tell you even in the presence of the Devil if you believe to rather die than been poor it will be so for the Devil also grants what a man believe & desire from his hearth,if you also believe to be rich in the presence of the Devil it will be so because you believe but one thing you must know as a creature made of dust is that "nothing free is given by the Devil" for if the Devil gives you one million he will come back for one hundred million so what gain will it profit a man to gain the whole world from the Devil & loose his own soul forever.
Spottykay Publisher
that's why people say having a little idea of education is better than not having any idea
Your level of knowledge & backgroud determine your level of sagacity.
I perceive that Austine Chika is from a rich family;that is why he kept saying poverty is a sin.
The son of a poor father will never say that, 'cos if he says so,he has condemned his father.
We are not negotiating with poverty:poverty is a diseases & could be a curse, but never a sin, because not all who are poor were lazy or dull in brain or doing against the will of God.
Dont look at anyone who is poor now as a sinner or who is not living right in God's sight & therefore being punished by God.
This boy, born with "sliver spoon" in his mouth could not understand many people who are saying poverty is not a sin but a disease.
Would you now tell me that those who do money rituals & get money by force are holy because poverty is sin?
If poverty is a sin(violation of God's Law), Lazarus would not make paradise- Look at Luke 16:19-31 & judge the matter or you go & drag Lazarus to hell.
Poverty is bad,because its a cancerworm, but not a sin.
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I totally disagree with you Mr Poster, poverty cannot be matched with any of these which you mentioned. There is no fate but what we make with our hands.
@Sir-phil, I think l could get part of your explanation.
One thing l believe is that its not the will of God for us to be poor, but we must not compare poverty with sin, because sin is violation of God's law, which can inder us from seeing His face.
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Such mindset leads to lust for money and that's where the evil begins!
Yes, because, the ambition to get money by force will be there: such will seek for money through all dubious means, in order to become rich.
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