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You are the chief representative of your L.G.A in a debate on the topic: ''Our Traditional Marriage System Is More Suitable For The Present Generation Of Nigerians Than The English System''. Write out your entry for or against the motion

Yes our Traditional marriage is more sweeter than English marriage. Because there is a dowries in Traditional marriage, and the both parent we knw themselves and rejoice together. But English marriage there is no such things, that is why Traditional Marriage is sweeter than English marriage
True. Marriage as we all know is the legal union of a man and woman for the purpose of life companionship and procreation. It is not surprising that Nigerian and the English people adopt different marriage system. The differences in culture is one of the main causes. But because of English Colonization of Nigeria for about century the English marriage method are commonly used by side by with our different indegineous marriage system. The traditional marriage system was a and is still far more suitable for today Nigerian than the English system.
Traditional marriage gives ample room for the parent of would-be husband and wife to be morally involed. The parent and relation from both sides ensure that their children are marrying the right person and they give frank assessment. This is not so with English system. English does not stress the involment of parents so far as the bride and bridegroom have both agree to marry each other. This extreme individualistic attitude to marriage is one of the high rates of crumbled matrimony. Traditional marriage ceremony is relatively cheaper than the English societal wedding which observes many rites, protocol and have to cater for the large audience at the church and at the reception. Besides the above points, there's to much publicity, pomp and pageantry that goes with English wedding. This makes it possible for too many people to be unusually close to the new couple who will sonner or later contribute in one way or the other toward the falling apart of the couple. The English wedding is parochical in nature polygamy is out their system, any white man that practices it committ bigamy and he is liable to a jail term. This is in contract to Nigeria where a man can marry many wife as he desire. The worrisome trends of many unmarried ladies in Englsh society in absent from many Nigerian community.
Socio-economically, the cost of living is very high in Nigeria today, under this situation many man can't afford the exhorbitant cost of white marriage, while the traditional marriage is simpler, easy, and practical to go through.
Adewoye, that's a Good, beautiful and impressing entry by you. Keep it up.
It's a lie: not true.
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