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It has been a saying even before i was born 'there is no food for lazy man'. When i was a child i taught it is a lazy man who has no strength or energy to work. But when i grew up i understood better that a lazy Man is one who depend on someone i.e a lazyman is a person who only rely on one another. In nigeria today most youth and graduate are all depending on the Govt to provide Job for them,that is a lazy man for you. I came to discover that most Nigerians especially the graduates are fond of selecting Jobs that will suit to their taste,that is a lazy Man for you. The goverment were just like you,who went to school and start from a little beginning before geting to the high level they are today. Most Graduates needs to know that it is not according to your qualification you will use to get a Job. I went through the profile and background history of Chief T.A Orji Executive Governor of Abia State and came to discover that as a graduate of English in the University of Ibadan he served his nation as a civil servant in Imo state before joining politics. I taught as much how the economy of Nigeria was at that time and i wondered how poor it will be for a person to serve in the civil service durring those days. I also came to discover that Chief T.A Orji is a patient Man who never rushed to get a job according to his qualification but instead enduring to start from somewhere before geting to this position he is today. Despite the condition and circumstances Abia is facing heartedly i still believe that he is the chossen Man for that position as the Governor because he worked for it patiently & humbly. Not just that alone he was once a teacher like you all know what it seems to be like. How many Graduates in Nigeria are willing and able to serve as a civil servant in his country? How many Graduates are willing to be a teacher? The answer are none. Every Graduates are after getting a office Job so as to make use of pen and paper as their instrument of working. Most are even more lazy that they can not start an enterpreneur by themselves. It is only a lazy Man that complain all the time but a man who depends on himself and the work of his hands never complain regularly but instead solves the complains of others. It is recorded in the bible that 'GOD shall bless the works of your hands' why do Graduate expect the Goverment to provide Jobs before they can work.You can be a Goverment of your own only if you are willing to endure,adapt the spirit of patients, attach to something you know that will give you life and daily bread as an enterpreneur. A lazy man is always waiting for Manna to fall down from heaven,if you are of such type then you are doomed to suffer forever. Most time when a lazy man do not find Manna he will began to look for negative means of getting manna which will bring a damage to his life and future to his generation born and unborn. For instance PROSTITUTION: has become a means of surving by most undiscipline ladies and young tenage girls who believe using what you have to get what you want is the best soluction to their problem,forgeting that it is writing in the holy Bible 'the body is the temple of the holyspirit' and by defying the temple of God you are indirectly and directly bringing and creating everlasting condemnation to your body and soul. The next part of it has become a form of what we all latestly know as'YAHOO BOY NO LAPTOP' this has already existed for long and has become the Major way of surving by some Notorious Guys/Girls who also believe that it is a best way to survive and live hapily,forgeting that everyday is for the thief & one day is for the owner.A lazY man is always after to steal, kill and destroy.One of the causes of laziness is idolness. An idol man is a devil workshop. When a man is idol what comes into him are  ideas full of negative and evil act. It will only take the grace of God to be wise than the serpent. A man who is not ready to face challenges is not a real man. Acording to the song of Flavour 'he said to be a man is not a day Job' which is totally true. A man must face challenges and accept what ever that comes on his way with faith .A man must be able to conquer every challenges that comes on his way. It only take a real man to move with faith. No matter the challenges you face or had withness should not make you lose hope on what you are matching to. A man without a problem,is a problem to the earth i.e is to say that no man born of a woman can say that he/she haven't face a problem or got involve in a problem. Most times most people men/women takes challenges and problem as a work of the devil. Whomever you are reading this post and sense of word of mine should know that whatever problem or challenges you face in life has a reason. It is also recorded in the bible that'any problem left by God to be carried out by the Devil has a reason' Do not fear or worry about the problem you face,believe in urself that the problem you face will turn out as a blessing.

there is no fud 4 laz man bcause no money no fud.a mercy wife can giv dat person a fud but if i'm dat woman i will not
not giv dat person a fud until he change his bad habbit
no food 4 lazy man?......_____"yes"! !! !!!
Who is a lazy Man?
I totally agree,no food 4 a lazy man,there is dignity in labour!
No fud 4 lazy man cuz  da dnt wnt 2 work da rely on people 2 gv them
If you work you wil have money,if you dont work you wil not have money.
No fud 4 lazyman rite,a lazy man is a person who is very lazy 2 labour 4 his family needs!
am at
A lazy wil love 2 be sleeping@home alway,his wife now be labour adder dan him,it wil cos fightering 4 dem,definetly d wife wil surely leave him!
am at
No fud 4 lazy agreed,no trophy 4 lazy team
am at
He Dat Should Not Work Let Him Don't Eat
yes there is no food lazy man and woman dat refuse 2 work.
No fud for lazy man yes it is true bcause a lazy man wil like 2 sleep at home
I commend you for this article, looking forward to partner with you. Pls mail me via 
@austine,nice job.u sure have a talent,use it well to the glory of God.
Love the Lord,with all ur heart.
Wats proof @ Indiana, thanks but i dont partner 4now....
no food 4 lazy man yes u are rite.
It is 2ru dat a lazy man has no asses 2 fud nt until he decieds 2 work s he ll die of hunga
@Austine Chika u ar such a darln.i admaya ur handwk hm..! tel dem wat dey nid 2 fud 4 a lazy man wu z nt rdy 2 wk
Yes u ar rit bt a lazY man signifies both a man $ a woman wu ar nt intrested in wk'n nd providn 4 deir family

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