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Head Mod.
Early this morning, i noticed that about 200 coins was stolen from my account. I have no suspects as the people who i thought may have done it don't have up to 100 coins in their account. I currently have only about 130 from over 300 I had before. I am hereby laying the report down here for Mr. A to find who did this and penalise them.

Mr A
Mr A Admin
Good morning Chris,

I will check the administrator logs and the list of people who were in the shop this morning then maybe we can find who the culprit is.

But in the meantime, let us hope someone comes forward to confess.
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Chris Head Mod.
goodmorning, thanks for the fast reply. Maybe we should consider removing the feature from the shop?
please,i am the one i just buy steal coins&and i press use item&after that i didn't knw what i press pls   
   I noticed that also and i was not happy that mojirade stole the Head Moderator's coin. Actually, i tried buying the 'steal coin' so i culd use it on her in order to return the stolen 200 coins back to Chris but it just didn't work. Sorry Chris...
 Admin this is really getting out of hand and there's nothing we can do about this therefore we look to you concerning this very issue. I suggests that pls... the shop stuff 'steal coins'' should be removed from the shop.
Mr A
Mr A Admin
Mojirade, thank you for coming forward. Don't worry, the fact that the item is there in the shop means that you are allowed to use it.

Marvisdby, thank you for trying to retrieve back the coins, even though you may have lost 20 coins of your own in the process.

Chris, I will move the said coins from Mojirade's account back to your account. So I think the problem here is solved.

About removing the item, It has been disabled from the shop. I actually put it there at first to give this place a realistic feel, too bad it turned out the other way.
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Mr. A! i also have d same problem of stolen coins.
Mr A
Mr A Admin
@Nurudeeng8h, provide me with the time you think your coins was stolen and the amount.
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Chris Head Mod.
Thanks a lot... i have them back now.
Dnt really understand what is going on here!
 Queenlv, actually, Chris's coins was stolen, the issue was reported to the administrator in order 2 retrieve d stolen coins but the culprit made a fast confession else she culd av been penalised for dat. U need nt worry cos the problem has been resolved.
   mojirade, thanks alot for returning back the coins even when u weren't aware the item in question could indeed steal a member's coin.

  Its obvious you lost 20 coins in the process dnt worry cos I just added 40 coins(twice 20) to ur current coins.
Ur coins is stolen by who?
 Ahmed A Musa, you need not worry, it has been reimbursed and the issue has been resolved besides it wasn't that obnoxious as you think.
gud evnin Mr A. i av a similar problem wit lost of coins. 2 to 3month ago, i commented on a post,in checking me coins, i saw dat it av been deducted 4rm 200+ to 115,n i dont no d reason,i tried 2 contact d admin but it was not possible dat y i tried 2 use d opportunity here nw.
plz can i no d reason y it av been deducted?
  Ekundayo383, are you serious with your complaint?
yes am sure n i min it@Marvisdby
 Ekundayo383, how much was it at first, when did you noticed it was stolen and how much coin was stolen from your account?

Know that If your complaint is confirmed to be false, you might loose 10% of your current coins or there could be a penalty
it was 200+ @1st. 2 to 3 month ago. i cant remember bt in checking my coin it was deducted to 115
I need someone to steal my coins so that they could be retrieved + 10%. hahahahahaha
Congrats then.
This Is One Way The Unfair Stealing of Coins Can Be Stopped.

TAKE NOTE: YOU MUST NOT STEAL THE COINS OF A FELLOW USER UNFAIRLY Else YOU SHALL OBTAIN A BAN. If you should observe that your coins were unfairly taken from you, do report the issue to either Mr A, or I myself just as Chris did and we will attend to u immediately.
The culprit was pardoned for the sake that she obediently returned back Chris's coins. That's something you must know.
see guys my coin is not increasing while posting ra ther it just seem stagnant.
My coin was stolen and has not been recovered up till this time.
My coins was stolen for the past 3 months durring my first banned and i have complain but no positive reply. What is going on. Should we start to steal coin, i assure you a 100+1 percent,If my coin is not return for i dont mind getting banned again for the third time.
My coins was stolen for the past 3 months durring my first banned and i have complain but no positive reply. What is going on. Should we start to steal coin, i assure you a 100+1 percent,If my coin is not return for i dont mind getting banned again for the third time.
I apologise for not been there to attend to your complains Sir Austin, well now i think your complaint really deserves attention.

So now, how much was stolen?

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