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It's obvious she is light skinned and all but there's something that makes her stand out. She is absolutely stunning (well, to me). Some people think the most beautiful is Yvonne Nelson and some others think is Juliet Ibrahim, while a few others think it is Jackie Appiah.

In your opinion, who is the most beautiful actress in Africa and why?

julliet ibrahim
Chris Head Mod.
Juliet Ibrahim is a goddess <3 , although she seems unlively which is a minus
i tink nadia only is beautiful wit make up bt i prefer jackie appiah coz she is black nd beautiful
Nadia is beautifuly beauty, i shoose her.
A good question, but i dnt think so. she is as some may think because she's known. There are a lot more, not known still very and most beautiful than you can ever imagine. So, on my opinion, i would rather say a "NO" she's not.
Always Real...
I support you Pastor Abrahams. Millions of ladies in Africa, who are much more beautiful than those mentioned; it is just like saying that wole soyinka is the most eloquent man in Africa; it is not so, bcos there are many who are more eloquent and more powerful in writing novels,but are not known.....
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is is beautiful,ok,lyt nt d most beautiful in africa
nadia is beautiful,jackie appiah is beautiful,juliet ibrahim is also beautiful,bt i tink d most beautiful one is nt yet born..
No i dont think she's most beautiful cos we r wonderfully made.
Mr Paul, the scope has been lowered down to actresses in Africa. I 've seen more beauties than Nadia in South African series
Of course you are right; like what l mean that there are many more beautiful actresses not popular yet. But he needs to say "the most beautiful popular actress" and still she cannot be.
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Take a nice look at Ethiopian ladies, what about Egypt, Algeria and Morroco? Are you aware that Portifah's wife was from Ethiopia?
O Yes; and like many of them who are not even yet popular like these ones we are talking about.
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Spottykay Publisher
every woman is beautiful
Hey Spottykay, we are not talking about minds here. Some are real gorillas!
Spottykay Publisher
hahahahaha i pray God dont give you a gorilla
Amen ! and pray that for yourself also.
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Its not my portion!
Amen !
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