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Can you beat the highest score on the Chicken Shoot Game?

Head Mod.

Never have an ugly photo taken ever again with a little camera trickery:

1. In full-body photos pose with one leg in front of the other and with your body turned at an angle, rather than straight on.

2. Make sure the photographer snaps you from slightly above the head and never under.

3. Always look straight above thelens instead of directly into it for sultry results.

Chris Head Mod.
Thanks, toye
Why? its not necessary 4 me!
Am not photogenic!
thanks for these its was all different from an ugly photo i saw but you are right its the best way to take pictures example of people like that is sir phil 
Heeey Spottykay, my pix isnt that bad, or is it? I certainly dont think so. Where is yours in the first place!
i said what chris posted also ressemble your pix
@Spottykay, to be candid, where is your picture?
Why is it that some people are hiding their pictures on the forum?
Do they have any genuine reason for that?
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hmm i love your question now the answer is this.I tried to upload a picture which i had and they gave me an error message saying the image is to big that it must be small
You can use bigger device like laptop or blackberry or ipad if your phone cannot upload it.
Call for Total Cure from all diseases on 08079549042 / .
I'll repair my computer next year so i'll do that
Next year isnt far from now, do not think you 've got all the time in the world!

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