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 FINANCIAL LITERACY ;-"is d possession of knowledge n skills by individuals 2 manage financial resources effectively in order 2 enhance their economic well-being."
¤Understanding d concept of wealth
¤Understanding banking services
¤Planning one's finances
¤Keeping to ethics
  ¤Undertanding wealth
-wealth is in abundance
-wealth is an important essential of support 2 both religious n worldly affairs
-man recieves,owns n keeps wealth as trust
-wealth management has a cycle
-it is generated n disposed according 2 God's commandments

¤Understanding banking services
-financial intermendation
-cashing of cheques/making payments
-facilitating transactions such as wire transfer n manager's cheque
-agency banking via non-banking outlets, e.g GT Xpress service launched recently
-storing valuables,particularly in a safe deposit box

 ¤Personal financial planning
"is a personal decision taken by an individual on how 2 manage his/her finances to enable him/her achieve a desired future objective in deir personal finances."
 process of planning 1's finances
-define financial goals
-self assessment
-developing a budget
-developing an investment plan
-evaluate results
-revise plans

¤Keeping to Ethics
- principle of ownership of wealth
-vicegerency of humanity on Earth
-sincerity,piety n righteousness
-making 1's work perfect

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