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The fact dat u are inside d elevator doesn't mean u are going up or down, it is d button dat u pressed dat tells where u are going. IN our daily life, wot button do we press? D upward key is "FAITH" & D downward key is "DOUBT" why d middle key which always stand still is "UNBELIEF".   FAITH brings success, DOUBT brings failure & unbelief brings stagnace. FAITH heals, delivers us frm troubles, reconnect us wit our GOD &  helper, it brings assurance dat our sins are fogiven, it brings peace & unity, it brings d mountain down, it turns our trials, tribulation, & pains into a Miracle. OH "FAITH" what a wonderful ingredent of achievement u are!!!.

"But without FAITH it is impossible to please Him(God):...." ( Hebrews. 11:6). One cannot please God without faith. Christian life would be meaningless without faith.
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And faith without work is also meaningless.
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