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I decided to use myself as a character in this story am about to unfold, but whichever way it is, there is one message I would love you to grab from it.

Last week, I was at the Emirates airport in
Dubai, United Arab Emirates ready to fly
I got to the airport at exactly 13:00GMT.
On getting there, the lady at the airline (Fly
Emirates) told me that there would be a delay
my flight for 3 hours. I decided to buy a
of cookie and a leadership book to while away
I sat down on a chair, reading. Beside the arm
of the chair was the packet of cookie. Next to
me was a man, who was reading a novel.
I opened the pack of cookies, took one out
to my surprise, the man next to me also took
one out of my cookies. I felt irritated but said
I just thought: “What a nerve! If I was in the
mood, I would punch him for daring!”. For
cookie I took, the man also took one too. This
was infuriating me but I didn’t want to cause
any scene.
When only one cookie remained, I thought:
“huhu.. What would this abusive man do
surprisingly, this man taking the last cookie,
divided it into half, giving me one half. Ah!
was too much! I was extremely pissed and
now! In a huff, I gave the man a dirty slap
walked away.
When I sat down in my seat, inside the plane,
looked into my bag to take my phone, and to
my surprise, my packet of cookie was there...
untouched and unopened!
I felt so bad and ashamed of myself!! I then
realized that I was wrong... I've forgotten that
my cookie was in my bag.
So the man had divided his cookies without
feeling angered or bitter, while I was very
thinking that he was eating my cookies.
And now, there was no chance to explain
myself, nor to apologise.
There are 3 things you cannot recover.
1. The word...
...after it’s said!
2. The occasion...
... after the loss!
3. The time...
...after it’s gone!

Be careful ALWAYS!

hmmmm, unpalatable truth !
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You really mean more than you just said?

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