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Another event took place that made every body to marvel as a girl offiong who lived with her aunty mrs usanga at nkim ltam a village in itu local government area of the state was killed by a woman who should have been her burglary proof as she claims in her speech after been apprehended by the police 'the girl came back from selling l gave her food to eat , my husband travelled and was suppose to return yesterday l prepared his meal and kept in the kitchen and left for the farm returning l saw that the  food was tampered with. I called her and she could not tell me what  happened to the meats in the pot l was furous l used the plate and hit her four times and she felt and hit her head against the floor before l knew what was happening blood began streaming from he husband has not jet returned l dont know why l hope her dead parents will forgive me l m sorry. Hmm what a pity right after her confessions she was taked by the police for execution. What a pity.

That is what truly happend my people should control our heart always
God will help us in this Nigeria.
I hope their forgive the woman
i pray GOD forgive her
eeya thats why we need to control our temper when ever we are angry.
Hmmm, poor girl, she 've' been mistreating d girl, she need to b punish.
i think dat not d first time she will do dat,  dat y devil use  her against. so let be careful when we are angry.
hmm that part of maltreatment
eeya thats why we need to control our temper when ever we are angry.
eeya... what a firstlady with a pitiful heart.
Anger is really a bad thing
i think dis is nt her first time d girl shud b reward
D Woman Must Be Killed By Hanging Cos She Is Wicked.if D Gal Is Her Daughter She Would Not Have Beaten Her 2 Dat Xtent.
Hmmmm God Have Mercy
i think it is a mistake or something
people should try to control thier anger
she deserv 2 b beaten and nt 2 death
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eeya... what a firstlady with a pitiful heart.
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