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On 25th Of September, 2013
A news was broadcasted about a 35yrs old man who raped a girl of 7yrs.

According to d man, he said he was innocent of d aligation against him.
But d little girl stood 4 the fact dat he committed d crime.

As a proof dat she was right, she was tested nd was found deflowered.

According 2 d doctor,som of her hymen particles was still in her.
He said it means she was recently deflowered.

This & others proved d aligation true.
He was later sentenced 2 death by hanging.

Na wa oooo
He was not only guity of the rape but was also guity of murder.
He really deserved it.
wht.gosh.disgusting,but,it serves him right.she is a poor fellow.[pity]
The man seriously deserves it nd needs more than dat
s3xy mama*2
The man is wicked and heartless,my prayer is that God will protect his children from the eyes of d wicked ones.
hmmmmmmm... it happens all d time...
I make use of this opportunity to tell all that are judging this man for the wicked act; though this is serious and act of callousness, but do something now; ransack your own life; let us make amendment of our own ways; anyone can die bcos of little or greater sin; God judges all sins; your little little sins are also terrible before God (LUKE. 13:1-5) : confess them and repent now, forsake all sins(stealing, lying, backbiting, fighting, rankor, hatred, anger, bitterness, maglinity, pre-marital intimacy, adultery, homos3xuality & leisbianism, sturboness, disobedience to parents et c) and turn to God, because tomorrow may be too late. I pray that you will not regret at the end of your life. Amen!
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Sam7, thanks for the moral hints.

Indeed there's no sin bigger than a man as there's no sin smaller than a man.
Let our love for God be genuinely expressed in our we live our lives.

If it were to be that God were to publicly make known the sins of all, you'l see terrible secret sins than you expect.
If God does not punish this generation, He must have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorra bcos the sins of now are far more than d sins of then.

If we must avoid the purnishment, we must avoid&turn from evil.
while d farmer ws aslp d enemy came & planted a weed.u dont no d spirit dat hs possessed him.d act is inhuman
my life-my business,U gossip - Ur headache, I flex - U vex, U beef-Ur problem, I Achieve -U provoke.
dis is wickedness
Which do you call wickedness, the fact that he raped the girl or that he was sentenced to death by hanging after murdering two innocent lives?
Dis Is Sign Of Endtime,an innocent girl's life has just been destroyed,we shld pray everyday of lif nt 2 be victim of circumstances
Happy Rejjy:
Dis Is Sign Of Endtime,an innocent girl's life has just been destroyed,we shld pray everyday of lif nt 2 be victim of circumstances
You are right.
D endtime is by d corner
s3xy mama*2
Any rape offence against any age whether small girl or an adult is wickedness in highest order; but to say the truth, they ought not to hang the man; if they imprison him for smth like five or ten years, its possible he repents and still be useful for the society.
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I doubt if the poster got it right. The punishment for raping of any kind is not a death sentence. The worst could be a life jail sentence. Except murder resulted in the act.
Yes, you understand the aspect of the law.
May be he missed some vital information about the post.
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He should have been here to make things right. Sam, can you see the VIP add on his profile? It means he has been online less than a month now but he kept silent. What is happening?

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