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How To Fix iPhone 5 Error No Sim Card Installed Insert a Valid Sim With No Pin Lock To Activate iPhone

This iPhone error could be very frustrating, especially if you just bought the iPhone. We have compiled the only permanent fix for this dreaded iPhone error.

99 percent of all the fixes and remedies found on the internet concerning this error proposed to remove the sim, clean the contacts and re-insert the sim card.
This does not work.
Even if it works now, the "no sim card installed" error would re-surface within minutes or hours of re-inserting the sim.

So, our team of space-tech-rocket-scientists set to work, tirelessly digging and searching for answers and carrying out numerous experiments. Finally, after 2 months of work, a solution is born.

WARNING: This fix is permanent, you will never get the "no sim card installed" error again. Use at your own risk:

The results from the experiment...

The cause of this error is due to the sim card not resting tightly against the sim contacts in the iPhone.
For some reason, the sim card slot is a few micrometres too big for the sim card to fit in tightly.
After all the hype, one would have thought Apple must have gotten the manufacturing right.

FIX: (Turn off your iPhone before proceeding!)

Step 1: First, we need to remove the sim card. If you do not already know how to do this, use a paper clip to eject the sim card tray, then take out the sim card.

2. Just to give it that extra sensitivity, dip a ball of cotton wool in alcohol or methylated spirit, then clean the contacts on the sim with it (just one swipe will do). Allow the alcohol to dry.

3. Cut three small pieces of scotch tape and put them on the sim (the part without the contacts). This is to give the sim some extra body so it would fit tightly in its place.

4. Put the sim card back into its tray and insert it back into your iPhone.

5. Now put your iPhone back on.

Please leave a comment to let us know if this fix worked or not. Your feedback will help improve the fix.

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