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Deterioration of immune system leaving sufferers extremely vulnerable to opportunistic infections which affect both men and women but the health problems they cause are more severe in women and children.

Symptoms - no symptoms initially, so spread easy. Spread can be through non-s3xual contact like donor tissues, blood transfusion, childbirth and breastfeeding.

> Practice of safe s3x-A, B.
> Decrease number of s3xual partners.
> Comprehensive s3x education.
> Infected mothers should access care to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus.
> Circumcision.

Although, contagious and venereal diseases are not yet curable by medical sciences, testimonies abound of divine healing. A word of caution is however needed here to continue accessing care while waiting for your own time of divine intervention.

3.     Misuse of Herbs.

Herbs are plants grown for their culinary and medicinal values. Phytotherapy or herbalism is the use of herbs for their medicinal properties. All over the world, there is an increasing number of people turning to the use of herbal medicine. This has reached an alarming and harmful state in our country and even among children of God. World Health Organization reveals that about 80% of the world population use herbal medicine in one form or the other. Two-thirds of traditional medicinal plants are effective as alternatives medicines.

Many herbs have been used as medicine, in fact, many drugs prescribed in the hospital are herbal in origin, and the first medical drug in history (morphine) was derived from plant.

The benefits from the use of herbal drugs are evident, e.g. herbs are food, and food can thus be medicine, they are readily digested and are available around us. Problem with herbal products is lack of standardlization and regulation of herbal mixtures. Cases of substitution, adulteration and contamination of herbal products exist and these can cause serious toxicity. Most of these occur in the process of extraction. Diagnosis of herbal toxicityis complicated as most components in herbal mixtures are often unknown.

There is erroneous belief that herbal products are safe, but many can be dangerous and deadly especially when used in combination with other drugs. Common herb is St. John's Wort which is known to interact with many medical compounds.

Many women use herbal products in their endeavour to lose weight, but the use of slimming herbs have resulted in cases of renal failure. This has been reported even outside the shores of Nigeria where control of herbal drugs is more stringent..

Lives of some people with HIV, cancers, hypertension and diabetes can be cut short by the misuse of herbal medicine practice of herbalism and neglect of known standardized medical treatment. Common herbs that are known to have medicinal benefits include, pepper (anti-oxidant property), ginger and garlic (anti-inflammatory), orange (scurvy), ginseng (anti-stress), etc.

There is the need to have adequate knowledge of the proper use and caution associated with herbal mixtures.

What is advocated is that we use herbs as food. Balanced diet can promote our health and that of our family.
N.B: Recent researches have assisted in the standardization of some of the herbs as nutracenticals and food supplements.

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