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Young Akpors was fond of going to a barbing
salon to have his hair cut every week.
Meanwhile, the barber has made it an habit to
prove to his customer that little Akpors is the
dumbest kid in the world
Little Akpors was in for another haircut
Barber (whispering to a customer): This is the
dumbest kid in the world. Watch while I
prove it to you.
The barber puts a 500 Naira note in one hand
and two pieces of 100 Naira notes in another,
then calls little Akpors over and asks.
"Hey, which of these do you want?"
Little Akpors takes the two pieces of 100 notes
and leaves the salon.
Barber (To Customer): Hahahahahaha! What
did I tell you?! The boy is the dumbest and
most foolish in the whole world, he never
The Barber continued to do this for over a
year and every week little Akpors would come
to have a fresh haircut costing 50 Naira.
One day, a curious customer followed little
Akpors after he left the salon and asked him :
"Why do you always go for the 200 Naira
Little Akpors replied: I have been doing this
for over a year now, any day I go for the 500
Naira would be my last and that is game over!
Who is the fool?

Spottykay Publisher
The barber then!!! Not akpors
I almost wondered the same thing.
Spottykay Publisher
Yeah,right Idea

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